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Potential Project - Fighter the ZX9

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Dougz, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hey all

    So I'm thinking about fightering the ZX9r. It's a 98 model.

    I had a spill a couple months back when I got caught in a storm and hit some tram tracks. The bike was fine except for some scr.apes on the left fairing and a few cracks here and there. It looks a bit shit but this bike is a 12 month or so stop gap anyway. I've always loved the look of streetfighters and this is probably the best opportunity to do it. If I do it well, then I'll probably keep the bike as a commuter and get something nicer for twisty runs etc.

    So good people, what I'd like to know from you is this:

    What will I need to do for this? What parts are required? I know I'll need a new headlight, bars (risers?? what sort??) and do a ram air mod. What else can you think of? I know the sky's the limit but to get a basic half decent job done tell me what you know :)

  2. I'll be watching this one:popcorn:
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    Oh yeah. The bike with damages, not too clear however

  4. Seen quite a few of these that have been 'fightered - some look great, others not so much. Good luck with the project; hopefully you'll get some great advice and help and you can start a new thread for the job
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    Cheers bloke :)
  6. i vote repair it, keep it stock!

    please don't fighter it.
  7. yeah me too :popcorn:
  8. bars > renthal road ultra low, or similar.
  9. dynoverks in boronia have two streetfighterd as courtesy bikes. one of them, the green one i think. feels like the sprockets have been changed. it's a wheelie machine.
    both are shitboxes, but can see how easy it is to do on the cheap.
  10. Bars, headlights, brake lines, mirrors, ram air mod.

    You'll have to **** about with the coolant overflow bottle and maybe some other bits of the radiator depending on how it works.

    I dunno what the dash on the 98 is like but you might need a new one of those too if you can't find a decent way to mount it.

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    So what do I mount the bars on Loz?
  12. Get some risers and drill your top triple clamp.
  13. Don't do it!

    It'll turn you into a Hoon.