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Potential new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rileyb1, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Hello, I live near Melbourne and I'm thinking about getting a bike. I have never ridden before but it seems like fun.

    I have a few questions about whether or not I will be able to afford to. I hope it is okay to ask here.

    For starters, I have a car so the bike would be just for fun.

    I do however only have a small budget $4000-$4500 and I'm thinking its just not enough to get a bike. There will be some spare but I'd rather have that for repairs and such down the road.

    I was thinking gear would run me around $2000, $1000 for testing, rego, third party insurance. LeavIng a small amount for a bike. If I can't afford to get all the safety gear I will just have to save up. I am not willing to skimp on safety gear.

    I'm not looking for anything flash, just a basic bike to get me started. Looks don't matter. I am also happy to do some work on the bike if need be, no experience with bikes but some with cars. It doesn't need to be fast but the roads around here are 80-100km/h so it will need to handled this.

    I know it is probably a hard ask but i thought I would ask and see what you guys thought.

    Oh and as it seems important I am about 175cm tall and weight about 60kg.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Welcome aboard :]

    Your proposed budget seems good

    for your gear try places like AMX, Bikers Gear Australia and clearance areas of peter stevens etc

    Get your bike checked by a knowledgeable mate or a professional, I went the professional option on my $2200 dollar bike

    It was the best money I spent

    Good luck
  3. Welcome mate, it's not a huge budget but you could come away with a full package for that much. For jacket/pants you can look second hand to save $$ initially, good gear for much reduced prices on eBay and gumtree, quite a lot in your size (would guess euro 46-48 jacket).
    Helmet needs to be new and check fit of this at a store as not all helms fit all heads. Boots and gloves to complete the gear.
    Look at learner training as well ? $ well spent. After this (you do your L's on their bikes) go look at some used bikes, sit on them, ride then, see what you like. You can pick up 250's (CB, Ninja etc) for around $2500-$3000 if you look hard enough, or ever GS500 2005 Suzuki GS500

    But first figure out what style you like!

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  4. Welcome to NR, Riley.

    You don't need to spend $2k on gear.
    Less than half that will buy you a good starters package. Get gear for the season you're riding in, or clothes with removable linings. As your riding evolves, you will slowly add / replace your gear with what really works for your type of riding and the bike you've got at the time. It's evolution.

    Imagine wearing racing leathers on a learner commuter bike, or an adventure suit on a cruiser. Not a good look either way.

    As to the bike, 3-4k will buy a decent used bike with lots of life left in it. Have someone look at it with you, or even ride it for you, if need be. A brand new Honda CB125e is about $2,500.00 ride away in Vic, but you may want bit more bike than this.

    Check out Motorcycle Ergonomics for bike sizing, before looking at too many bikes in person. Then go to a big dealership and sit on anything you like the look of. Price tags are a moot point at this stage. It's a bit like blind dating.
    This will help you to narrow your choices. Most bikes can be lowered in the seat, suspension by up to 2 inches, but it's not free.

    Learner training at HART for example, will be around $400.00.

    Above all, don't overthink the process and try to remember: This decision is about fun... Try to keep that in mind, at all times.

    Good luck!
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  5. Wow, very helpful bunch here, thanks

    I was thinking about used gear, just wasn't sure about safety. It seems there is some cheap stuff around. Gloves, jackets and pants would probably be good to get used. I'm. not in any hurry so I might keep a lookout for good deals. I also didn't know exactly how much to expect to spend on gear so I went on the higher side. Used gear should bring that down a bit too. I plan on getting all the gear first so I know exactly how much I can spend on the bike as its the most important.

    I was also thinking about doing the HART 2 day learner course and then maybe the road skills course.

    I'm also seeing some bikes on Gumtree and such with, "carby issues " and such for $1000 or less What's the go with these and can they present good value?
    Once again I'm in no rush so I can wait until a good deal comes around and then do any work needed.

    Thanks again.
  6. If you are mechanically minded a cheap bike with minor issues can be a good option. However, a single minor issue can often turn out to be "the bike is stuffed" so important to view any of these with someone who knows bikes, or even pay a professional to look into it for you.
    Personally I prefer to buy something with service history and RWC and with all appearing to be ok visually and aurally.
    Seconds gear - go with good brands, don't buy cheap crap. Go into a bike store and make a note of what they sell and at what price, then go look for seconds online. Like I said, there's a few in your size online, and if you're looking at leather jacket plus Kevlar jeans, I am selling a Dainese jacket which would likely fit you lol - see the for sale thread on this site.
  7. I am mechanically minded and I would be happy to go as far as an engine rebuild if it got me a good deal. I should be able to find someone to come along when it comes time to buy that will tell me whether or not its a good deal.

    As for used gear. If I were to get it I would hope to get higher quality gear then if I bought new. Seems to be plenty to choose from its just a matter of finding the right stuff. I probably won't be ready to go until after Christmas but I thought I'd look around now so I'm ready to go.

    Thanks agian