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Potential Mods to a GPX250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Samboss260, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking at two mods, one I'm really serious about, and the other just toying with the idea.

    The serious one first.... The front screen is the tinted plastci version, and is not exactly clear / clean. So my thought is to give it a good polish, but I'd really like to put a clear screen on it. Total cost will be less than $100 including freight and I think that a clear screen would look better than a tinted one. Has anybody done this yet? Or what could it look like?

    The second idea that I'm toying with is the exhaust. Several people who ride have said "put some pipes on it to make it loud, so people can hear you". I think it's loud enough, so again have any other GPX riders out there replaced their exhausts? I like the chrome look, so would want to leave that as is, but maybe louder? I don't want ti to sound l;ike a dirt bike either.


  2. I bought a jet black replacement screen for mine from eBay for ~$10 or so, not OEM, even came with a small ninja sticker. Perfect fit, much stronger than the original. I'm curious as to why you would want a clear one..?

    As for the exhaust, a previous owner of mine drilled holes in the end of both of mine, and then the owner after that (my girl gets around) has welded them up. It's now louder than stock but not too loud; think of a cross between a dirt bike and a lawn mower :D
    Other than the clean look and sound, unless you can think of other good reasons to blow ~$3-400 on new exhausts, I personally wouldn't bother. unless you can find a cheap used set etc, in which case, let me know :D
  3. Yoshi do ex250 pipes
  4. Yea I've seen the yoshi ones and the 2 bros ones and a few others, but I can't seem to justify the price for them, would love a pair though
  5. You that small you see through the screen? Mine just keeps the sun off the dials and directs the wind straight up at my face!
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  6. I rode behind one with a set of nice pipes on it, sounded quite nice, almost like a small vfr
  7. I just don't think the tinted screen goes with the candy red bike. If it was black, sure, but a clear screen would suit the front better with the clear headlight and all.
  8. When I had my gpx I asked a few shops what my options were re exhaust and mods. They told me not to waste my money, and instead save for my next bike. I was offended at the time (loved my gpx) but now I tend to agree. Unless you can do it on the cheap, save the cash for your next bike.
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  9. I used to have two brothers on my old gpx, sounds fantastic... they weren't cheap but have come down a lot in price and I think are a great safety feature to be heard. I did have it dyno tuned, and it made a whopping 1.5hp extra with the tune and better throttle response with standard air filter than kn.... so I'd save the money on the filter and tune.

    I just ordered a ninja 250, and that's getting a two brothers aswell ;)
  10. Put a pull through turbo on. Don't bother with the exhausts, learn to ride a quiet bike so that you know how.
  11. I'm a potential Mod,but a GPX250,,,,I hope not.
  12. Hey, don't you mess with the GPX250s you Duc mucker.
  13. Shoulda bought a jeep
  14. she bought a jeep?