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Potential dams ride 6/3 or 13/3

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nalasrob, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Alas, I don't get to ride regularly, so I like to plan interesting rides. I know, I should really find time to get down to coffee one night, but I’d rather use my ‘allotted’ time riding.
    I enjoyed getting everyone together last time (and learning a few key lessons of ride organisation) and thought I'd do it again (masochist I know!).

    The concept:
    Melbourne drops out of stage 2 water restrictions on March 1 for longer term water restrictions....so lets check out the dams (ok its lame buts its an excuse). If your interested, more info on restrictions at http://www.melbournewater.com.au/system/mainFrameset.asp?path=/media_releases/20050221.asp

    Proposed Route:
    Starting at Rowville (Wellington Road) then via the following reservoirs: - Cardinia, Silvan, Upper Yarra, Maroondah (via Reefton / Blackspur - can't help myself), Sugarloaf. . About 230 km with plentiful stops; 10-15 minutes at each dam with a longer stop for lunch - we get to see all but 3 dams (I think!) and about 38% of Melbourne’s total water storage capacity. Nice twisties over the ever-popular spurs. Would suit most riders and those who enjoy the social aspects of a ride. Best guess is not more than 6 hours door to door (SE suburbs). This is a four-hour ride for a confident rider observing (and maintaining) all speed limits.

    The Thompson dam adds another 60% of storage capacity, but this would make this close to 500km for the day, so will do that dam separately for experienced riders at another date (I’m thinking May as I have 5 weeks away soon). Greenvale and O’Shannesy are the other dams. Greenvale is to the west (out of the way) and O’Shannesy is trivial (3,000 ML as opposed to Upper Yarra at 200,000 ML). You might like to visit these on your own at another date.

    Any feedback on preferred date or start end times I’ll try and incorporate. Will set the date, route and times next week if there is sufficient interest, otherwise I’ll just do this adlib.

  2. If your going on the 6th, I'm in for sure.
  3. Sounds like a good ride; i'll be there with bells on pending weather & family commitments and the usual other host of excuses. :wink:

    Im sure i can rustle up a couple more eager riders for the day aswell.
  4. Sounds good to me. I'd like the 6th as well!! 13th not good.

    Leanne :)
  5. 13th would see me interested...
  6. Sounds good (again).
    Interested, but can't be definite on either date yet.
    13th might be better for me, but I'll firm that up and get back to you.
  7. 13th better for me to
  8. 13th better for me too
  9. Hi

    Sounds interesting. I prefer the 13th as well.
    Weather and family commitments permiting, Ill come along.
  10. i would consider the 13th,but cant pencil it in yet
  11. Can't make the 13th as I'm planning to do the Alpine road that weekend.
    Might be able to make the 6th, but will not know for sure until early next week.
    Last ride was a hoot though, so definitely up for some more soon.
  12. I have a better chance to make
    the 6th .
    as I have that weekend off.
  13. Could this be a straight tie between both weekends?
  14. sounds good, 13th is better for me
    the 6th is F1 Grand Prix weekend...
  15. Well, I've just blown the 13th with my Mum coming into town for the day.

    Perhaps someone else would like to lead the group on this day.

    I've only got the morning open on the 6th so just going for a blat with a friend.

    Sorry folks, hopefully someone else will pick up the reins and run with this.
    I'll leave the map posted for anyone who wants to use it.
  16. LOL... that's the reason I can't do the 6th... my mum! LOL.

    By the way great map!
  17. Ok, I'll stick my hand up.

    Anyone wanna do this on the 6th??

    Meet at 10.00am for a 10.30 depart?