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Potential bike and rider blow up

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ljcoolio, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Took my 6 week old 659 out Monday long weekend rode for a couple of hours including practicing for MOST test then got off my bike and noticed petrol filler cowl had lifted off the tank by a few mm so as a newbie opened the filler cap and petrol sprayed in all directions then noticed tank covers had also moved took it to the mechanic and seems from purchase my breather valve was blocked. Seems it could have been very dangerous with petrol spraying over my hot bike and me has this ever happened to others?

  2. Tank breathers do block occassionally, although that is a more extreme case. I'd guess something wasn't done right either in the factory or the pre-delivery check.
  3. Thx glad it's not common is there a way to test it regularly or is that a service thing
  4. Once you get to know the bike you may notice it running a bit rough, although with fuel injection it may be less pronounced.
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  5. Thanks for that. I now have to wait 2 weeks for parts may put a whole in my most prep but better than the alternative as a newbie it gave me a fright
  6. Two weeks for parts? That is more than just vent blockage. I smell bullshit from your dealer.
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  7. I rang them back they say they need to replace tank dash windshield tank cowl etc and takes up to three weeks should be right in two?
  8. It wasn't so much the time. Two weeks is no uncommon for non consumable parts. It was the fac tthey needed parts at all. But it sound like some parts were damaged in the spill.
  9. could have stripped threads or cracked the plastic and such...
  10. Thanks everyone good to be able to sound things out with other bikers