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Pot Holes on the Noojee Road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Sep 20, 2015.

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    I was riding towards Melbourne on the Noojee Road, I was coming around a right hand bend and the sun was in my eyes,
    Still in the sweeper section, I hit a large pot hole hard that I didnt see,

    Whoo Whoo, Up in the air, Airborne, feet off the pegs, Full on tank slapper. Lucky I was hanging on for the bend, Other wise I would have lost it,
    I was worried that the front tyre had blown and was expecting it to be all over the road when it landed, or into the trees,
    But it landed and nothing happened, So I kept riding, No vibrations, its still running true, I will check the wheels when I get home, Im still having a good ride,
    Being slack, I didnt check that night, Next day Im telling a mate about it, I might check the rims now while in thinking about it,
    The tyres look all right, But I have two very big dents in my rims, Front and back wheels,
    Thats bloody close to having two blown tyres and crumpled rims,
    I have checked it out and find I can get the rims rerolled and back to perfect for about $90-00 a rim, But I have to strip the wheels down and take the rubber off,
    It will take about two days, So the bike will be off the road for about a week, while its being done,


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  2. nicely saved. well done.
  3. as above :finger:
  4. GreyBMGreyBM had to have both his rims replaced after hitting a pothole on the same road.
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  5. I had two wheels, tyres and an axle replaced.
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  6. Did you report it to the council at the time?
  7. No I didnt report it,
  8. Lucky save!
    If you're heading the other way from Noojee to Mt Baw Baw you will likely come across similar situations, it is a terrible and bumpy road, one I won't ride again for the sheer fact of avoiding what happened to you.

    When you got the rims fixes did it affect the paint?
    And if you didn't fix them right away, would the be any repruccussions? After all you said it was riding smooth with no vibrations
  9. So Total cost for the rerolled wheels,. $170-00, Plus a new front tyre, It was worn out, $20-00 to strip the rubber off,
    The only thing I was worried about was if the bead broke and lost air on the flat part,
    If its riding smooth and no vibrations, There should be no problems, But still get the wheels fixed as soon as possible,
    Its all fixed and rebalanced both wheels, Its humming along nicely again,
    They did buff the wheels where the dents were, But I havent checked the paint as yet,
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