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Posting race results- use !!!SPOILER!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I Adore Vic, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey all. If you're gonna post up race results, can you please make sure you put a SPOILER alert in first?

    Cheers :evil:
  2. I assume this is in refrence to my comment on the 'chinese' thread. Fair enough, like I said there I didn't even think about it, honest mistake.

    Can I raise one point though; with so many people watching Fox, plus being able to follow races online, and in this case free-to-air TV even showing it, don't you think it's a little harsh to expect people to tip-toe around the results?

    Anyhow please don't reply with personal attacks, I'm well aware that it's easy to add the word 'spoiler' ... although at times it just slips out in conversation.

    It's the age of instant communication, we follow it live, and like to discuss it afterwards. Shouldn't it be up to those who are behind the times to make sure they wear their night goggles and earmuffs? Once it's happened it's happened ...

    Just my 2c.
  3. It's called courtesy. I don't have Foxtel and I'm saving the race for after the kids are in bed and I've finished studying for an exam tomorrow.

    There are others unable to watch it till a later time/date too. Always have been and always will be - current times and technologies don't change that.

    My mistake was assuming that that particular thread would not contain a spoiler - the first few posts showed it was a topic regarding attendance at the China circuit - the second part of your post had nothing to do with the attendance and whilst I understand you wanted to discuss the results with others, it's common courtesy on an internet thread to put SPOILER in if results are being discussed.

    This particular thread I posted is not just for you - it's for all others. We've had warning posts like this in the past - and will most likely need them in the future.
  4. Re the chinese thread, you're right it was not about the results, it was about the crowds. Like I said, my comment was unintentional but you should not rely on the title or the first few commenst alone, threads have a habit of wondering here and there .... after all, such is the very nature of conversations, one thing leads to another etc ....

    I didn't really wish to discuss the results BTW, it just 'slipped out' :?

    Re the 'spoiler' topic, I think you did not understand my comments. Of course I understand the concept of courtesy, and of course I understand the purpose of using the term 'spoiler' - I'm trying to take it a little further, for discussion. It might well be that most people did NOT watch the race and intend doing so later, but then again with changing technology and changing habits (instant information) at which point does it change? When (for instance) 80% of people watch it live, do you still have to do all this for the remaining few? We're probably not there yet, but do you see my point?
  5. Just post SPOILER next time.

  6. Some of us still download, burn and go and watch it in the comfort of our lounges when it suits us, or when we can find the time.
    Which is precisely the reason we use the word 'spoiler', or keep the discussions about the results to the 'spoiler' threads.
    Cool, quit while you're ahead or we'll sick MG onto you. :wink:
  7. Oh you can be sure I will use 'spoiler' ... like I normally do. I said right up that it was a slip, yet some feel compelled to lecture. I don't mind, I've figured this place out by now.

    I still reckon that with the way technology moves these days the onus is on those who 'don't wish to know' to make sure they stay away .... either that, or watch the recorded footage NOW, rather than go online to a motorcycle website and risk having it spoiled for you. That's my opinion anyhow.

    So what's the etiquette on how long you cannot discuss results after a race?
  8. without the use of "spoiler" 72 hours after the race has finished.
    why? 'cause i said so.
    thread over.
  9. So I'm guessing I shouldn't read the 221 million chinese thread if I don't want to know the results of the race??
  10. Yep
  11. Maybe the OP should add the word SPOILER to that thread now .... how's that for etiquette? :wink:
  12. That's quite a valid point, technology and information exchange has now reached the point where it is almost impossible to shield yourself from the results without taking active steps to do so.

    If I don't want to know the result of something I'm planning to watch later then I go out of my way to avoid exposing myself to any situation where the result might be revealed. To expect others to censor their communications for my convenience would be both presumptuous and unreasonable.
  13. yeah, but if you read this one, you'll see that bayliss won.
  14. I have fixed it. Now we can all get some sleep.
  15. Yep. Because you put your foot in your mouth, and then try and make it everbody else's problem.
  16. ffs..it's just common courtesy.

    Most internet users - including those that visit bike forums - understand the whole SPOILER alert thing. It's got to the stage where yes, you can feel confident opening a thread if it doesn't have SPOILER in the subject heading.

    Why this thread has gone on is beyond me. There's no argument. I'm not attacking you. I'm just putting up a bloody warning/reminder to all.
  17. Sure, but if you spoilt the lady's evening, you'd man up and apologise yeah, not try and justify it.
  18. :WStupid:
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