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posties should be issued with leathers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Blodders, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. i was sitting out side work in highett, eating my lunch the other day when i heard the purr/ scream of a CT110 been hammered down the street. i looked up to see one of the local posties coming round the corner.
    to my suprise there was the sound of scraping metal..
    the postie had the crash bars scraping all the way around the corner...

    think its time for the postie GP ...
  2. Bloody hell. Next they'll be doing wheelies :LOL:
  3. Ride it like you don't own it! :shock:

    oh, yeah, he doesn't! :LOL:
  4. ahh hope he's ok.
  5. Me mum rang me one day to tell me:

    Mum: I just saw a postman take off from the lights and do a big wheel stand, he looked very pleased with himself, and I thought about you....

    Me: Aww, that's sweet.

    Mum: I was thinking, what an idiot.

    Me: Oh.
  6. haha Mothers :roll:
  7. its strange that there is money for a bike levy and there is adverts for wearing the right gear, there is work care, work safe, TAC as well as all sorts of prommotions, yet the posty ia ok to ride with sneakers, t-shirt, shorts, and a open helmet, (some looking well trashed).. I know not being in the role can make it hard to relate to the use of gear, but a Goverment job, paid, supported, uniformed etc and they dont have to have any thing safety wise really...
  8. Imagine this ...
    Nice hot sunny summer day. 25 degrees outside. Here comes the postie all wrapped up in his leather suit. Considering that most of the time they are not going fast enough to give any kind of air flow, he is starting to get hot. Then the heat gets to him and he passes out ...
    I'm sure there is a reason they don't wear leathers, and I suppose posties are not told to scrape bars or do wheelies. So perhaps this is just an argument about all bikers wearing leathers ... not just posties.
  9. If a postie is then going to ride his CT110 like he's at a race track instead of the footpath with minimal protection, it's his skin he's risking. Postie GP, that'd be worth a laugh!
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  11. #12 melbas, Jun 6, 2008
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    speaking of, [media=youtube]D_s5zvZIUJ0[/media]
  12. I want to see some top speed, knee down action, not just pit straight!
    That vid is still worth a laugh :LOL:

    And those off road racing posties run on methanol......
  13. No shit, I went to one of their race meetings. This is me on my super trick CRF50 (acutally 88c) in a BBR aluminium frame. Top right hand corner. Nice link! :) Had to show off a wee bit!