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Posties just wanna have fun!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. On the way to work this morning I am driving along Morris Rd approaching the corner of Heaths Rd in Hoppers, lights go green for Heaths Rd and the postie gets it up on 1 wheel with a big grin on his face :grin: , albeit not very high and for not very long, but it made my day :LOL: :applause:

    Well done champ \:D/

  2. some blokes are great on the postie. had a mate of many a postie years who used to drag the bag when he could. very entertaining.
  3. this one's hearsay, but it's from my wife so I believe. As she was driving away from home the other day she was coming up on a level crossing that is raised on quite a hump.

    A postie came shooting round a round-a-bout and gave it all the gas he had, bearing down with a look of shear determination and then unsurpassed glee as he got both wheels off the ground over the hump.

    In defence of his actions this crossing is seldom used during the day and any pedestrians anywhere near it would have been visible well before he started his runup.
  4. I live near a postal depot and its not uncomon to see 5 or so posties riding in pack formation all trying to go a little faster then the next bloke.

    nice to get paid for a bit of harmless fun
  5. Yeah those CT110s have a semi-auto type transmission. So here's how ya wheelie them:

    - Stop in second gear
    - Press down on the gear selector (this pulls the clutch in and moves you into first) and keep your foot on it
    - Apply full throttle
    - When ready for a giggle, let foot off gear lever - clutch engages.
    - Weeliez, good times and sex with attractive bystanders ensues.
  6. worth the $10 membership right there. that has made my day that one line... still on the floor.
  7. That's odd. I seem to remember being dragged screaming across three lanes of traffic before falling over for the entertainment of the chip shop queue :oops: :LOL: .
  8. In my telegram delivering days on a CT90 do-nuts were the go :LOL:

    From what I remember crouched low on a long downhill run I once saw 85k - then the transmission seized... :oops:
    It's a definite brown trousers moment with a locked up back wheel when you don't have a clutch! :shock:
  9. I want to get a couple of postie bikes and have a jousting tournament for my next birthday.
    If anybody comes across any jousting sticks in the trading post could they let me know? Cheers.
  10. If you get em for half price, it's a bargain!
  11. as a postie down here in Hobart I can say that Loz's wheelie instructions do work :LOL:

    I have a ball and the compression in downchanging is awesome. :grin:

    Posties are bike riders too, all the guys I work with have sports bikes. I am the odd one out with a dual sport

  12. Imagine the news headline "hoon postie has bike confiscated!" :LOL: :LOL:

  13. Jousting sticks? How much does he want for them??

    Tell him he's dreamin'!
  14. a couple of years ago at cowes during the gp. usual suspects doing burnouts on late model sportsbikes when guy on postie goes past doin one handed wheelie.
    absolute poetry in motion. :grin:
  15. When I read the title I had disturbing images of the 80s Cindy Lauper video, only featuring posties lol