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Postie's Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. No, not POSTIE bikes, but postie's bikes, the bikes posties ride.

    Round at my local mail centre I've always been interested in the number of mail delivery riders who also ride to work and back, so today I took a census.

    1 older model Honda Shadow cruiser
    1 new Honda Shadow cruiser
    1 original model GSXR-1100 Suzuki
    1 Honda Spada
    1 first model R6 Yamaha
    1 ZZR-1100 Kawasaki
    1 VFR-750 Honda

    and a Daelim (Chinese??) 125.

    When one of the postie bike riders, a quite petite lady, asked me what I was doing I explained my interest, and then asked her if she also rode; she said yes. I took a guess at the Spada, and she said, "No I came in the car today", and motioned to Mazda over the road. "What do you ride, then?", I asked.

    "A brand new Blackbird", she replied :LOL:
  2. Used to ride a TTR250 to work when I was a postie then moved not on a postie bike any more but still ride to work on Bike. All round the delivery centres in newcastle you can see alot of bikes ridden to work ranging from brand new sports bikes to cruisers to just dail old commuters some centres even have covering sheds for the bikes which which we are yet to get at our facility.
  3. I'm buying a POSTIE bike... all that power of a CT110 ooh yeah :wink:

    My old next door neighbour was a postie and he rides Harleys... yes, he rides Harleys (not just own them) :p
  4. come on Paul, you've been around here for long enough to know better than to assume the girl's on the smallest bike. shame on you. would you have done the same if it was a short bloke? :mad:
  5. Exactly
    everyone knows that the tough girls ride Honda Hornets! :)
  6. Petite girls rides a Blackbird. Respect. Did you get a phone number. :grin:
  7. :LOL: :wink: :twisted: