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Posties and OH & S???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jeffatav, May 17, 2007.

  1. Has anyone notived that the posties don't wear any protective apparel except the thin fluro vests/shirts when sunny and yellow rainwear when it's wet.

    Wonder how the OH and S act and workcover go with this arrangement.

    I know there are a few posties out there, (you are all champs BTW) so I was just pondering,...............what's the go???????

  2. Well, my understanding is that they're only allowed to travel at 7kph on the footpath and as such dont need it.

    Wearing full leathers for 8 hours per day in sunlight is another type of OH&S issue all on it's own - fatigue, dehydration etc. Ask why they dont do more than about 2 hour stints in even the endurance races......

    My OTHER understanding is that there is no minimum safety standards enforcable for motorcycle clothing anyway, other than the helmet.
  3. Ive often thought about this too.
    If you dont need to wear any protective gear because the speeds are so slow then why do you need it for your Ls, i was told its a work cover thing
  4. Cops will only wear shirts and they doing a bit more than 7kph :p
  5. it's actually 10km/h.

    although, out in the real world if a postie was to do the 'right thing' he'd be scrutinised by management for going past his time, which afterall, "is only a guide", apparently. damned if you do damned if you don't!

    it's one of the many ironies of auspost.

    all posties are issued with and have to wear: helmet, boots, gloves, vest.

    i cringe everytime i see a copper in his nicely ironed short sleeve shirt! :shock:
  6. I was wondering if posties actually ride non step throughs today, since I admire their courage of riding a 125 4 stroke in any and all conditions, and thus always give them a nod. But I've never gotten a nod back :?
  7. In Sydney, the posties gun it when they have finished their rounds or when they are going to the post office...........what a sight with their vests undone and flailing over their shoulders, their white helmets tucked in behind the non existent screen and their tounges out making razzing noises pretending to go fast!! Great stuff boys :LOL: :LOL:
  8. our postie nods :grin: i swear his head is attached by a spring actually, he nods @ almost anything that moves :LOL: :LOL: <----grins like that too :p
  9. lol yeah, they didnt give us any thing other than shirts, its alright though, just think of them as bastardised bmxs with motors.
  10. i cant remember what it is exactly at the moment but theres a few jobs in the cops here in nsw that theyu restrict the wearing of safety gear. such as yeah watch a bike cop go off duty, go out to their personal bike put on full leathers and ride away.
  11. Bike cops down here wear great leather pants, and saw one with a leather jacket the other day.
    I am old enough to remember when bike cops wore blue polyester pants too...and rode Hondas with fibreglass fairings :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. So when do you reckon Auspost are going to invest in a fleet of Sachs Madass 125's???
  13. Hah! in my day we used to deliver telegrams on the 90cc postie bikes. Flat out at 80kph in Canberra :LOL: We got a helmet (crappy) and gloves (crappier) and I'm sure they still use the same yellow wet weather gear :LOL:

    No one used to use the helmets or gloves - all the guys I worked with rode and had their own gear.

    We used to ride anywhere - across parks, footpaths, anywhere - all flat out at 80k. :roll: The only time I was ever stopped was for lack of a rear number plate (it fell off) and as soon as the cop realised it was a post office bike he apologised!

    There was a culvert that we'd take a short cut across and get airborne on the other side.

    These days with speed cameras and political correctness about riding through parklands it wouldn't be as much fun. :cry:
  14. i was trying to pop monos in first today on my postie lol compress the front springs and let her rip, soon as i get the timing down pat... haha im other like 3 inches or it goes quickly and i chicken out lol :LOL: :LOL:
  15. We had a shared driveway and our neighbours letter box was a bit further up the driveway than ours. One day all of their mail started getting put in our box and we didn't know why...

    Our street had a steep straight hill with the first letterbox/driveway about 100m down... one day walking up the hill, postie comes around the corner at the top with the footpeg scrapping... opens it up down the hill (as much as you can on a CT110)... hits the back brake, slides sideways 50m and releases the brake just in time to roll into that first driveway...

    Now I understood why actually putting letters into the correct box probably wasn't the reason he took the job... I was pretty impressed and happy to sort out our mail from the neighbours after that...

  16. well, you know you can make a complaint about that!

    off topic, slightly:

    letterboxes can be **** of a nuisance for posties. all shapes, all sizes. some good, alot bad. now that i think about it the aformentioned can be said about the customers they service. :LOL:

    a tip for those that are unhappy with their mail delivery: have a decent sized letterbox with a house number on it in and placed in an easily accessable location.

    here's a letterbox i made recently. built to my specs. and the mail is better for it which makes me happy as well as the postie. :)


  17. Want me to post a shot of me in my younger days pulling chest high wheelies on a postie bike? I'll scan it up later and post it.

    If you dont mind damaging the shift detent due to repeated abuse they're seriously easy to wheelie.

    The "automatic clutch" bit is NOT actually automatic per se...
  18. make sure the letterbox is compliant with postal regulations or they dont have to deliver to it.
  19. Do post up your pics :LOL: :LOL: U can bounce it up in first if u get the timing right lol but yes holding the shifter down and letting it go would work rather well I'm sure!
  20. Seen a postie yesterday slidin it out round corners in the wet motard style

    He was having a ball