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postie riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imagineero, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    Grabbed a postie bike last week for pottering round locally and ducking up to the shops, its been a lot of fun! Still taking the blackbird out on longer rides, but wondering how many guys have a postie in/around sydney? Maybe we ought to put together a postie weekend, or a postie day ride.


  2. Very cool!

    I dont have one yet, but I was thinking of doing the same thing. I find it such a waste to warm up the RS125 when I'm literally going a few blocks.

    I thought it'd be great to own one since it seems to be an Australian icon, and it'd be a good way to start learning about the mechanical side and fixing any problems on your own that arise. Could also do it up slowly and bling it out.

    I'll probably spring for one the next time I have a spare $1200 lying around.
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    What's the collective noun for a group of posties? A putter of posties?

  4. Came into this thread expecting pictures of people riding posties. Needless to see I am disappointed.
  5. I thought it was a parcel of posties.
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  6. yeah you could deliver the mail
  7. Yeah deliver it a week late
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    A bunch of
  9. The best thing about them is that they don't have a clutch so you can ride them one handed which means you spill less beer while riding. Plus, since they only do about 17km/hr you can ride with an open face helmet which saves flipping the visor up every time you want to have a sip.

    If you have time, get down to the pickles chipping norton auctions held monthly. They sell about 50 postie bikes a month and they go for between $800-$1000.

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  10. That's great! At that price, I'll try to get one sooner rater than later.

    It leaves more $$$ for beer :cool:
  11. They easily take a 48lt plastic storage container on the back behind the seat.
    Plenty of room for beer and pizza.
    For our staff day we slash a replica track into a paddock and have a four hour. Plenty of giggles. And tbh a decent bike would wreck the day
  12. I used to have one, was a pissa on days off riding it round the streets watching people come outside thinking i was the postie :grin:

    Great bike, ever reliable and as OP says perfect for just ducking down to the milkbar or local shop.
  13. They're crazy cheap to own too. At least that's the spiel I was trying to push to the missus. I was telling her about how a front and rear tyre on the blackbird was about $500, while a front and rear on the postie are more like $50, and you can do an oil change for an extra six bucks. $5 for a tank of fuel which whill get you almost to brisbane from sydney.

    She started smiling, and I was thinking I was starting to make headway.... I sensed something was amiss though, and it was soon confirmed wwhen she retorted with;

    "yes darling, Buying another motorbike to save money totally makes sense, I completely agree with you. Now you know why I hve to buy those extra 4 pairs of shoes while theyre on sale to really help us get ahead"

    Humbled, I returned to the garage to consider how to tell her that the truck will shortly need replacing, and the car is also getting a bit old....

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    An asylum of posties. :grin: