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Postie or Track?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cougs, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. OK - so I've got the permission slip signed for another bike purchase; to be made in about 2-3 months (after a family holiday). I currently have 1300 VTX Cruiser and SV1000 road bikes and will keep both as they both make me smile in their own way

    The plan (at least for the last 6 months) has been for a Postie. Something to fiddle around with, turn into sort of a rat bike / urban assault weapon (a small, not very powerful weapon granted); OR strap a couple milk crates on and ride it to Alice Springs & back or something stupid like that

    However....lately I've been thinking about track bikes

    Not looking for something especially fast, or expensive - possibly even a 250 to learn how to ride properly on track first. After all - Phillip Island is only an hr away, and I'm planning on doing CSS Level 1 later this year anyway to keep the skills improving.

    So I guess I'm just looking for opinions on either option - especially those who have/had a Postie as well as other bikes. Did it get used, of just sit around gathering dust? Similarly a track bike, did the enthusiasm fade after the first couple months?

    Love to hear opinions or suggestions of what to look out for etc - and I'm not into dirt bikes. Discovered at a young age I'm not nearly crazy enough for that shit
  2. Find some really good deals and buy both ;)
  3. Personally I think the postie would only be fun if you had 5 other mates purchase them too and cruised around in your postie wolf pack.

    Otherwise it would get boring quickly when you have other bikes in your stable to ride that are much more conducive to the road.

    Buy a tracky, lots and lots of like minded people down at the track and it won't take long to find some "mates" down there.

    I would suggest finding a 600, as especially at PI a 250 will get a little boring. Maybe after 4-6 days. Don't get me wrong it will still be fun but as an example you'll be 100% on the gas through most corners. You'll need to learn to ride a 600 around there to go fast so you'll still "learn" to ride.

    Its really only the thou brigade that are doing mid to high 50s that think their fast but it's just the hp giving them those times.
  4. Not actually a Postie bike, but I did own, for near enough 30 years, a Honda Z50.

    It was road registered, and then later Historic Regoed.

    It was a fun thing to ride in the urban environment.

    You could do stuff, that, on a REAL motorbike, the cops would probably shoot you.

    Riding along on the pavement, past a blocked bit of road, folk just smiled and thought it was so cute. :)

    I could also hoist it into the boot or back seat area of a few cars, which, at times, turned out handy.

    Maybe it would work with a postie, I dunno.

    As for the track bike business, I am, of course, prejudiced, and reckon the wee RS 125 Aprilia or 125 Mito would be the way to go, especially if you keep it road registered and don't need to go down the tow-car trailer route.

    Those two wee two-strokes are probably the nearest things you can buy and ride on the road to real race bikes. they have the handling and braking all sorted out from the start, all you need to do is fit on one and ride it.