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Postie has a throttle dead spot

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bunjimun, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I have a postie bike and L plates and what I know about bikes would fit on the head of a pin so any help here would be much appreciated.

    I have noticed lately (last half a dozen rides or so) that there is a "dead spot" when I accelerate gently out of a corner. It seems to be getting slightly worse.
    It's most noticable if the throttle has been off completely for a bit on the approach to the corner eg. coming down a hill then turning. If I then ease the throttle on, it'll pick up initially then it gives a little cough and chug then it's fine. It's not noticeable if I give it heaps out of the corner.
    It's also an issue when I'm practicing the low speed stuff as it seems to be in that low rev range.

    I've changed the spark plug (the old one didn't look too bad) but no change. I figure it's gotta be a fuel thing but I don't know where to start. Help please!

  2. Mixture screw should be one and a qtr out.
    1. check and clean the air filter.
    2. check and clean the jets. Undo the bottom of the carby and they are the two brass nuts staring at you. Get a can of carby clean and give them a squirt and push some fine fishing line through them. Use it like floss.
    3. There are two O rings either side of the carby. They wear out. $4 bucks each from Honda. 50c each from an engineering shop.
    4. The plastic carby mount on the cylinder head side gets old and crusty with heat. if it's cracked you can temporarily fix it with gasket goo. but it will need replacing.
  3. Cheers Bretto, I've had a look at the air filter (forgot to mention that) it's ok. But the carby tips are very helpful! I'll have to wait till the weekend now but I'll check it out. Thanks again!
  4. NO worries. If you want to get another 5kmp/h top speed out of it. Take off the foam on the air filter and use a stocking. :) Clean or change it often. :)
    I also use the cheap castrol semi synthetic 10/40 oil in mine and it works great. They have been very reliable using it. Have not put a new plug in any of mine in three years, and 60 thousand k's. I change the oil every month in mine but they are used all day 5 days a week. Each one will clock up about 170 - 200k's a week.
    Oh and don't use the cheap ass gear levers. Buy the heavy OEM Honda ones. The cheap are cheap and soft and end up stripping the spline on the gear selector shaft.
  5. Beauty, this is all good stuff!! I'll take your advice on the air filter, the bike has 33,000 ks on it and is pretty much Aust Post spec I think. I'm planning on getting another bike once I pass the P's test so I'm hoping I won't have to worry about gear levers and such. It'll be a shame to get rid of the postie cos I really like it, but I travell on a highway to get to work and I need something that can keep up with the traffic. Much obliged for your help.