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Postie Down

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by JustCruisin, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    Wasn't sure where to post this but this thread is to talk about the durability of motorcycle gear. So I usually commute to & from work. I'm a postie at Australia Post & I sort/deliver the mail. I was on the first half of my round delivering mail & I made a sharp turn on the electric pushbike to enter another street that was part of my round. Only thing is that I was free-rolling at the moment as well as applying the front brake slightly while turning, which helped the presence of dirt & debris on the road that was shadowed by tree branches to throw my front wheel out of control & result in me sliding off the bike towards the left side for a good 3 metres until I hit the island. I had my kevlar jeans & motorcycle boots on at the time. Boots are Alpinestars SMX-1 & jeans are Draggin Cargo's. I'm fine with only soft tissue bruises. Bicycle has its handlebars out of alignment. Got myself checked with the doctor & here I am writing this with a day off work tomorrow.


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  2. Hmm, could have been worse. Just out of curiosity what is the Aus Post policy on safety gear on these Electric bikes? I would guess you were wearing above their spec.
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  3. Glad you are okay. It amazed me how much your gear was effected by this incident! Roughly how fast were you going?
  4. I highly doubt it. When it comes to their motorcycle posties, you're wearing Dririder gear & Rossi boots which is very satisfactory protection, but I can't say the same for our electric pushbike posties (including myself). Besides a helmet, the other gear would just be your favourite pants, fingerless gloves, sunnies & something that says 'Post' eg coat, vest, long-sleeve shirt.
  5. For a bicycle, somewhat fast I suppose. I don't know the exact speed.
  6. Bicycles are dangerous.
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  7. Get off my thread...
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  8. Ok, so you were definitely wearing more than they require then. Interesting in terms of their Workers Comp insurance, they can get up a reasonable speed those electric bikes. The run of the mill postie would have had gravel rash at least then.
  9. Hazards of the job ... wait til you get tiled drives painted with sealant on a rainy day ... and letterboxes protected by hedges =D all in a days work.
  10. I get the latter. Annoying bastards they are.
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  11. *Sneaks outside in darkness to trim jungle/hedges
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  12. I was thinking the same thing. If that's the damage caused to a pair of Draggin Jeans on the knee from a 3-4 meter slide at one would assume less than 60K per hour then I am starting to wonder about what would happen at a dollar plus on the highway. Glad that you are Ok just a bit of bruising etc, something I was told about after my prang was to take a good quality Tumeric supplement a natural anti-inflamatory that is much kinder to your gut and works a treat to ease the pain.
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    Pfffftttt:) Just fun stuff. Combined with the "superior traction" of the Cub tyres, it makes for some interesting situations. Barely a day without a 2 wheel slide somewhere. Driveways in the wet with cheque plate gutter ramps, awesome.

    Letterbox placement and size? Don't get me started on that!

    Do they supply all the gear for you guys? Mandatory Hi-Viz?
    Everything but my jocks is supplied to me. We just got the new Dririder wet weather boots. Still trying to loosen them up, they are a bit stiff.
    We are not permitted to wear anything but Aus Post issue. Not even better helmets.

    I don't like the wet gear. Even doing up all the inside layers, clipping, zipping, velcroing, buttoning, tucking, takes a while, the bloody things still leak in a serious downpour.
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  14. This made me laugh - good luck with that! How about a bit of homeopathy to augment it?
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  15. Hmmm?

    A bike prang can feel like you've had a building collapse on you.

    Like cures like.

    I prescribe a 30C solution of building rubble dust.

    That should work.
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  16. Oh I know I forgot we're big n tuff let me revise that. Take one concrete pill and a glass of water then call lifeline and try to find someone who gives a.......
  17. Just Cruisin, maybe shoot me a pm, but I'm interested in the AusPost incident reporting system and how they follow up.

    Bugger about the spill. I'm not surprised to see the damage there was. Draggin cotton is hardy but will wear through quickly, then it's up to the Kevlar to hang in. An Australian Standard legal electric bike should be speed limited to 25km/h which is not an inconsequential speed.
  18. Unfortunately, after I got back to work from the incident two days later, I was fired from Australia Post & I am now looking for work as well as trying to get back into Australia Post but in a different location. I was almost finished on my 3-month probation aswell. S**t happens I'm not gonna complain about it, though the only thing that annoys me is the Centrelink process. I'd rather work & afford novelties than getting juggled by those guys all for the sake of being in survival mode but once again, can't complain.

    I can't help you on the incident report I'm afraid.
  19. Sorry to hear about you losing your gig.

    I hope this incident wasn't the cause of that!
  20. It wasn't. It was an accumulation of social misconduct in the workplace due to me joking around like the other guys in the sorting facility do. Most of the guys liked my jokes but a few others which didn't take it lightly, especially a chronic snitch so I got dobbed in. However me falling off could of also came into play as I was told earlier that the higher-up in the facility I worked at told me that he didn't want to pay overtime. He wanted to work on a very tight budget.