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Postie CT110 Pics & Questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by figarow, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. I just bought myself a Honda CT110, (please don't laugh) not the bike I wanted (Verago 250) but it will do the job for a while.
    I think I got a good deal, I only paid $1,000. It is 1997 model, semi-auto with 11 months rego & 27K on the clock, looks and rides good, see pics.

    I have a few questions and would really appreciate your advice and comments.

    1) Which oil should I use on this bike?
    2) Can I get a service manual for this bike online?
    3) I have noticed it sometimes knocks out of gear, now I don't know if it is always me accidentaly tapping my heal on the rear gear leaver extension, which I know I sometimes do. Also why have this rear gear leaver extension? It is a real pain.
    4) Is it dangerous to sit on the gear rack while leaning forward to reduce wind drag? I am a bit cautious doing this as I feel there may be too much weight at the back on the bike.

    Thanks for the help, I want to service the bike myself and maintain it but don't really know what to look for, any advice will be like gold to me ;) I would have got the verago 250 but I just didn't have enough money.


  2. 1, any old oil, you can't kill a postie. I used to use $5 drums of car engine oil from Coles, changing it fairly often. Don't use good car oil as your clutch might slip.
    2, Yep, the "Clymer Honda 50-110cc OHC singles, 1965-1992" covers it, don't worry about the 1992 bit, they don't change much.
    3, That'd be a broken detent lever, the roller breaks off the end of this sub $10 part, they're easy to replace. The postie gear lever disengages the clutch as well as changing gear, so a lot more force is required to change gear that a bike with a hand clutch. So, lifting the front part of the lever with your foot is difficult, pressing the back end of the lever is the go.
    4, You're joking right?

    See http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/postiebikes/messages for postie tech help.
    Good choice of bike I say! :grin:
  3. Thanks for the help, I wasn't joking about siting on the on the gear rack, I take it from your response that it is dangerous? The reason for sitting on the gear rack is that I find the bike small especially when leaning forward.

    Are you joking about the coles 5Ltr 20/50 that I use in my car?

    I will need to get used to changing gears with the back leaver, Years ago I owned a CD 250U so I am not used to these bikes. How can I tell if the leaver is broken or dented? And where should I look to get postie parts :)
  4. Dangerous? I don't know about that but I find the seat the best thing to sit on :wink:
    Nope, not joking. I've used coles el-cheapo car oil in many posties and never had any problem. lately I've been using shell four-stroke stuff though, just change it often as these poor little motors have the shite revved out of them.
    For parts, check that postie forum.
    About the detent arm ( my manual calls it a stopper arm :oops: ), it's a little arms with a roller that keeps the bike in gear, I haven't had a postie yet that hasn't broken one, I'd say this is your prob.
    If you want to fix it yourself, you'll need to buy an engine cover gasket ( clutch side ) and a clutch removal tool ( $30 ), easy job without the manual, even easier with the manual. Make sure you locate the busted part from the bottom of the motor.
    It's part B in the pic.
    Good luck
  5. most has been said before, but i'll ask; how fast does your ct110 postie bike go?
  6. Thanks mate, and thanks for the pic that will be a great help. I just went for another ride and have discovered it easyer to use my toe on the rear leaver to change gears instead of my heel. I can't seem to get my heel all the way down.

    Sitting on the gear rack (head down) on a slight decline I managed to get it to 90k, but on a flat road sitting upright full trottle is only 80k, once there is a hill it can go all the way down to 50k :p


  7. Im with stu on these.

    1) Use cheap motorbike oil. It's air cooled and doesnt hold much so change regularly.

    2) any 50cc-110cc is basically the same engine, so any will suffice. Many bike shops have the old dax 70 manuals for a couple of bucks cos they havent been sold for decades.

    3) You could be knocking it, maybe not. If you are learn to ride with your foot in the right spot :D

    If you dont like the back shifter, about 30 seconds with an anglegrinder will fix that :D

    CT110 postie bikes are an agricultural bike. they're made differently, like the sidestands on either side. Accept that, it's part of what they are. Plus you can pretend it's there because harleys have them....

    The shift detent arm usually doesnt quite tear through (although extreme cases do) - it's a combination of a cheaply made part with a known weak spot and the stress that happens when posties drop the clutch to pop wheelies on them. IIRC clutch is not truly automatic - it's cable operated simultaneously with the gear lever.

    IIDRC, well hey, I havent worked on one in 14 years....

    Hence posties hold the lever down, rev it up, and let go of the gearshift lever... Hey, I've done it too. You can wheelie just about anything... jog 50 scooters, motobecanes and postie bikes.

    Too many rpm and the detent arm cops it big time. And you probably crash :D


    Thats there for you.

    Of course, I've been known to sit on the back seat of my bike pretending to panic because no-one is in control to amuse passing motorists, so who am I to say.....
  8. lol thanks for the suggestions. I just did an oil change with the 20/50 cheapo stuff. When locating the drain bolt (still don't have a service manual) I firstly undone the wrong bolt which had a screw which I undone (silly me :roll: ) and two springs dropped out. Soooo I just put the springs back and screwed the screw about half way back in (can't remember how far it was done up) and then screwed the bolt back in. I don't know what I was messing with and unsure if I should have done the screw right up tight or not but the bike seems to go fine :?

    It is definately not my foot knocking it out of gear, the problem seemed to be getting worse. I tightened the chain up a bit which seems to have reduced the problem somewhat, could this really help or am I imagining things? Also since I tightened the chain I notice a buzzing sound coming from the chain and the bike seems to have more vibration.

    Anyone want to give me that service manual cheap? I will take it on cd or hard copy, cheers ;)
  9. That other bolt is the cap that covers the cam chain tensioner spring, don't worry about it.
    When you get your manual have a look at how to adjust the cam chain, you unscrew a grubscrew after loosening a locknut and the spring tightens the cam chain.
    If it's jumping out of gear I can't see why the chain would help, I'm still guessing it's the detent arm jigger.
  10. Thanks Stu for your help I am loving this little bike more and more, however I learned the other day that one should not lean slightly into a roundabout corner when raining, I almost ate tar - not something I want to happen again, those wheels are soooo skinny. Don't happen to know what the buzzing sound is from the chain? I left a bit of slack as recommended.

  11. Nope, if it's oiled up, and not too tight or too loose just put it on it's centre stand, start it up, chuck it in 2nd or third and let it spin, you should be able to see what it's rubbing on, maybe the lower chain guard?
  12. Thanks mate but I am after the service manual so I can do work to the bike, the owners manual don't really help me.
  13. You can buy the genuine honda one for 80bucks at any honda dealer.. That is what I've got its great. I've replaced the clutch with it as well as other small jobs.
  14. Wanted to pay a lot less if possible :cry:
  15. Your right it is rubbing against the lower chain gaurd. How do I stop it from doing this?
  16. Bend it away from the chain I guess, does it look bent?
  17. It does look a little bent but bent away from the chain already. When in 3rd gear on the centre stand on low revs it doesn't touch the gaurd but when the revs increase the chain moves from side to side a little causing the noise. I guess I will just try and bend it more if there is no other solution, is there a real negative having the chain tighter than recommended because this would surely stop the movement.
  18. My old CT90 used to do 85k. Used to p!ss my mates off on their RM80's & YZ80's that topped out at 80k. I am going back to the "old days" (late 70's) but heaps of fun. First bike I stacked was the 90........... :)