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Postie CT110 1994 Rebuild

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by geckom, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I picked up a cheap old postie (Honda CT110) out of the classifieds.When I picked it up, it had no key, half the clutch was missing, covered in rust, broken cables, etc. etc. Well now it is a number of months later and she is running nicely, have cleaned it up a lot and am finishing up the changes on rebuilding the cluth. So my next step is to start getting a road worthy and getting it registered so I can ride it on the road.

    I am sure there is a number of people on here that have done similar, so I was curious if anyone was any advice for the RWC and registration. I don't want to try for a road worth a number of times so is there anything in particular I should checkout before I call them?

    I have heard that a ripped seat can be an issue, so I am currently getting it recovered. Any thing else I should look at?


  2. bretto61 might have some tips - he has a few posties
  3. Does a postie cost teh same to register as a proper bike?
    If so I won't bother but if not... maybe some fun to be had in future....
  4. $240 p/a as a business tool...rego.
    I was a licensed inspector too :)
    Electrics...lights hi/lo, horn, tail/brake light and blinkers.
    Swing arm had a recall for cracks near the pivot. I'm gunna check that. Swing arm bearing slack as well.
    Steering head bearing.
    Fuel cock
    Oil leaks

    I've passed bikes with Gaff tape holding the seat together.
  5. My C90 Stp-Thru (cousin to the Postie) used to undo its swing arm spindle. If the CT110 is the same it should be easy to tell if there's a problem 'cos it'll vibrate your scrotum to mush at anything above ~half revs if the spindle's loose :D.
  6. If anyone has a pair of Cub, not Postie, rims with decent chrome I'd be keen to hear. Cubs are 250x17, I think Posties are 275x17. :)
  7. So far its going well, just need to find somewhere to get cheaper parts. Need a new clutch cover and outer plate. Currently been going to oneten motorcycles but they want $95 for the clutch cover. Am sure I can get it cheaper somewhere without going to a US ebay seller.

    Any one know somewhere good to get CT110 parts?