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Postie bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Amanda, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. I did try & do a search, but it doesn't appear to be working, so apologies if this has come up before....

    My brother is off to HART in a fortnight to do the course & get his L's.

    I've tried to talk him into a scooter (I'm on an Aprilia Sportcity 200cc which I'm very happy with) as all he wants it for is a half hour commute to/from work, but I suspect his mates have teased him & now only a motorcycle will do!

    He's married with a few kids & a mortgage, so money is an issue. I've suggested that he get himself a postie bike to zip around on initially. A lot of people suggested this option to me when I first started riding, & although I never took the advice, in hindsight it's a pretty good idea. I figure this way he can get used to being on the roads on 2 wheels, drop it a few times, & more importantly, get out amongst other riders (I'll take him to PITS & Road Warriors & introduce him to the people I know on bikes) & get advice & opinions to help him make the best decision on which bike to go with for the long haul.

    So, can anyone give me some info on postie bikes to pass along, & where does one get their paws on one?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. How old is your brother?? If he is over 30 he can go to unrestricted bike

    Postie bike, wouldn't be my choice, wheels too small should he hit any decent pot holes, anything other than 60kmh streets are a hazard and you don't reckon his mates will give it to him on a postie??

    Why not ask him what type of bike he might like to ride?

    If you still want one, check out vehicle auction sites and trading post
  3. Thanks Toecutter!

    That's the thing, he has no idea. None of his friends ride either. Basically I'm the only one on 2 wheels he knows, & I don't know much about motorcycles - scooters yes, motorcycles no.
  4. If he is in Melbourne he can't go straight to Unrestricted.
  5. I'd go a four stroke 250cc dirtbike. Cheap as chips, easy to maintain, and he won't be given any bollocks for it.

    Postie bikes are often sold through pickles auctions. They go for $700=$1000 depending on the day. Double that and you've got something that's got some more 'oomph' and better suited to road conditions.

    My 0.002c worth!
  6. Where does he live? what sort of riding / streets? In Vic Fowles are the Auction house that clears them i believe ther have some there at the moment 2002 - 2004 models with a $1000 reserve
  7. He's 42, & we're in Sydney. He can go to full unrestricted after the MOST.

    Thanks for the responses!
  8. By the sounds of it he is in Northern Sydney (PITS and Road Warriors being on the old road).

    Given that you want to get him out on the Old Road it sounds like you want to infect him with the bug. Give that bug a little while to grow and he will be doing more than just commuting on what ever bike he gets, the flow on effect of that will be that a Postie just will not be enough. If he wants a bike, let him make his own decision about that.

    If he gets a Postie, it will be gone the moment he can trade up, if not earlier. If he gets a decent 250 or LAMS bike, he will keep in all through his restrictions and perhaps even longer.

    I think a postie would be a short sighted decision. It covers the 'right now' concerns but none of the 'what if's'.
  9. If he's so easially influenced by what his friends think, then he may not be ready for two wheels just yet. :cool:

    I reckon a postie would be a hoot to learn on. I rode a C90 for a few weeks back when I was restricted (back in the 1970s). I already had my P plates, but it was a lot of fun. I didn't take it out of the suburbs though.

    They are tough enough for the Postie Bike Challenge, so it should survive a learner. http://www.postiebikechallenge.org

    See also http://www.postiebikes.com/faq.htm

    The postie bike was designed by Mr Honda with (large) 17inch wheels so that they would survive potholes. The convenience of a scooter with "sensible" sized wheels. There may be arguments against postie bikes, but their wheels isn't one of them.
  10. I think posties are very cool and they certainly make an excellent alternative to a small-capacity scooter... but one thing you might want to consider is the various licencing rules... I would stronly urge any beginner to get a full motorcycle licence, no matter what they *think* they'll end up riding - it's always better to have a choice.

    What I am getting at is, I am not sure if doing a course and test on a postie gives one a 'proper' licence or just a restricted, 'scooter' one. This topic came up in the past but I don't remember what the conclusion was (if any).

    So, to be on the safe side I'd say let him get the licence on a 250cc motorcycle - then ride around on a postie, why not. But then if he decides postie is not enough, as he quite likely will, he'll be free to upgrade without going through more red tape bookings and tests.
  11. My apologies, you know your postie bikes :wink:

    How about wheelbase then :?:

    I still say that they are not ideal to learn on, no doubt fun and fine for your outback challenge, but in the everyday world, there are better bikes to enjoy riding on.
  12. Spot on I reckon. Postie bikes are actually ag bikes designed for riding at slowish speeds across a paddock. This makes 'em great for posties who are riding on footpaths, nature strips etc but I don't reckon it'd be the ideal thing for commuting every day. He'd be far better off looking at a cheap, simple road bike - maybe something like a Honda CB250, Suzuki GN250 etc. which'll allow him to ride on the highway with larger bikes without getting left too far behind.
  13. Yeah, my kids learnt on a GN250, a top little bike. My daughter rode it on the Black Spur, and from Melbourne to Bega. That would be a struggle for a postie! The Yamaha SR250 in another good one to concider.

    Posties are fun though. =D
  14. Has he considered the Sachs Madass 125? Its not a scooter, looks the part and could be an option for a short commute. The only drawback is they are relatively new to the market so there wont be too many 2nd hand around, but at around 3.5k ride away new it might be an option.
  15. That's like a postie bike on steroids!! Now that would be fun, it's still just an urban weapon though.

    A friend of mine rode a Yamaha 200cc AG bike 100,000km in one year though. Including a run from Tindale NT to Adelaide via Queensland and then back home to NT. This guy is over 6 foot tall too. So long rides can be done on small bikes.
  16. Wasn't a Yamaha TW200 by any chance Greenguzzi? One of those would definately be worth a look for a city bike - I've heard that they're extremely popular in Japanese cities since their fat tyres make it easy to ride over potholes and kerbs (not easily done with a scooter). It might struggle a bit to hold highway speed but you can always take it offroad for some fun.
  17. Kawasaki Z 650. End of conversation!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Hey, the TW200 is a very unusual and interesting bike.

    But no. I've just checked my facts and I was completely wrong. It's not a Yamaha, it's a Honda. A CTX200 in fact. It's doesn't change the magnitude of the feat. But I still don't like being wrong...


    But I think it's a good contender for Amanda's brother to consider.

    But getting back to a scooter. I have a Yamaha Majesty 250 maxi-scooter. Great for commuting, and ok for touring (my wife and I rode it 2-up from Brisbane to Melbourne. No hassle speed limit touring, although the pillion seat was a literal PITA!!)
  19. Even more so after the Deus Ex Machina mob in Sydney have had a go at it:
    Not cheap but looks like it'd be a hell of a lot of fun.