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NSW Postie bike OER37 - Campsie area

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by imagineero, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Please keep your eyes open for my

    07 postie bike (ct110)
    rego OER37
    VIN JH2JD01U16K504538

    Nothing distinguishing about it, a bog standard postie with about 27,000 on the clock from memory. Stolen today from my house in campsie (near burwood). Standard rack, only thing that comes to mind is 2 red and black bungee cords on the rack.

    If found, call me please. 0406 119 921

    Much appreciate,
  2. I saw a postie bike parked on Burwood Rd today but cant remember if it had bungee cords or not... It was in the bike parking area and usually its just a few scooters and a ninja parked there.

    I work at the Westfield there so will keep an eye out...
  3. I live in Campsie (near Beamish st). I'll keep an eye out for a postie. Any photos you can upload for any distinguished marks or anything to look out for?
  4. Thanks lemon tree,
    It was stolen from Dryden st (off Brighton ave). Unfortunately there's nothing special about it, it's just a standard postie. The plates probably been removed, but maybe not if it was just kids. The vin is the only sure way. The only distinguishing thing about the bike is I removed the indicator buzzer, which is normally located on the right side of the headstem, but it's something you'd only notice if you were familiar with posties. It had a couple red and black bungie cords on the chrome rack, but they're easily removed.

    Last year I was on beamish st and some lowlife stole the helmet off my gs500. This year someone snapped the GPS mount off my black bird. I had a box trailer stolen last year also, and somebody broke into my truck, but got nothing. There's a lot of crime around campsie!

  5. Sorry about you bike. :(
  6. Did you end up finding it mate?
  7. It never turned up. If it was just kids joyriding it would have been found somewhere so I'm guessing its been rebadged or its on a farm property somewhere. I've given up on it and looking around for a new postie. Prices seem to have gone up since I bought it which was only last year. Picked that one up for $1200, but seems you can't get anything decent for less than $1500 now, and some guys are asking $2k which is pretty ridiculous.

    I'll just wait till the next auction and go pick one up there.
  8. I kept my eyes out (also live just off Beamish) and even did a few afternoon sweeps of the area when testing out new bits and pieces on my project bike, but never saw anything.

    Sorry about your bike, mate!