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Postie bike models

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryangus, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Other than the iconic CT110, does anybody know what other models were used by Auspost? I had an ex-Post 125 when I was very young, but can't remember the model.

  2. Before the CT110 they used CT90s, but I'm not sure if that's what you're asking.
  3. I think there was only the CT90 and CT110 actually used as a postie bike. I don't know if the earlier C100 Cub was used. Certainly the CT90 was in use in 1970, I was delivering telegrams on one of them.
  4. I wish I had the photo's of my CT90. I bought it for $80 off a bloke that was cleaning out his shed. I was 15 at the time. A few cans of spray paint later and we had ourselves the perfect beast to run off the make shift jumps. It was a blast. Whilst the CR125 I had at the time was obviously a lot better, this thing was great for 'goofy' fun.

    Sold it on for $200.
  5. The one I had didn't look like a CT - it wasn't a step-thru. I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it off, who's step-dad used to buy lots on posties on tender, said it was Auspost. I'll keep looking...
  6. Posties can only use a bike up to 115cc. That includes contractors....Although I know someone writing off a Ducati. Must get his accountant.
    And yup the 90 and 110 are the ones they have used.
    The fifty wouldn't handle the weight we carry
  7. Nice old Yammy, I took the liberty of doing a little CT type conversion :grin:!

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  8. The rd125's were a great little bike..
    Until your idiot 'mate' got a hold of it..
    Then it was dead bike and ex-mate..
  9. Honda did/does a CT125 and I think a CT250 but it's aimed at the Ag market.
  10. I had an RXS100 and an FS1E (fizzy) in the uk. Just googled them. Ahhh, so simple!
  11. Australia post used the ct90 then the ct110 I'm pretty sure that both models can come with high/low range :)
  12. There are thousands of types of them out there in the world. Malaysia makes them, Lao, Indo, India.
  13. ??? really.
    Posites don't get them. Unless you call going up two teeth on the rear a hi lo gearbox
  14. Yea it's crap they don't give them to us. It would make things easier, however I think it would be just another thing they'd have to fix plus trainee's have enough trouble learning on the regular ct110.
  15. Just wait, we'll have bigger models soon enough!
  16. Aus post model no hi/low range.

    Honda used to sell as AG only hi/low range models, then did a limited run of ADR full reg models.... Don't think you can still buy them.

    There is a ct125 and even a ct200x which came here but are more dirt/ag bikes than step through.

    Who doesn't love a ct110 :applause: