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Postie Bike CT110 Engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by marsh17, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Hey I have a Postie Bike and I have taken 3 teeth out of second gear, after taking it apart looks like a new engine will be cheaper and easier in the long run, does anyone have or know where I could get hold of a decent second hand engine or reconditioned engine? If not maybe a new gearbox and gaskets?


  2. I would really love to do that but its a bit more effort than I really want to go to and I'm a little worried about reliability and how long it will last. For now just going with the normal engine. One day though, one day....
  3. They're regularly sold on gumtree.com.au. I saw one go for $50 the other day.

    If you're in perth, drop a line into pbcwa.com. We'll help you look for one.

    Sam Murray
  4. Don't a lot of guys use the Loncin engines for cheap replacements?
  5. Yeah, they do. You can also get 140cc upgrades that'll nearly bolt on (need to jimmy some brackets) - with the fabled, missing clutch!
  6. One Ten Motorbikes specializes in posties. They even to Engine exchanges from what I've seen. You could check them out.
  7. They also have the fastest postie bike in the country. They are rebuilding it and trying for 160kmp/h this time.
    But yeah they know their stuff with the 110
  8. i put a lifian 160cc motor in my postie use to pop wheelies... but yes i did struggle to get it engerineered and get rwc