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Postie bike (Ct110) died while riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Only bought the postie a few days ago, now whilst riding to the mechanichs to get the bike serviced and checked over the bike died, now it no longer starts up at all. However the engine still felt like it was goingfor a while even theough the bike was slowing down however the lights and all pretty much didn't work.
    Anyone got any ideas about what it could be? Hopefully nothing serious, only just brought the bike and its already died lol.

  2. Rooted battery?
  3. :shock:

    Oh .. You mean 'Postie Bike" died :p
    Was afraid Aust post was working these posties to death.
  4. I was expecting Paul to jump in with a reminder of the T&Cs about reporting crashes... :LOL:
  5. LOL, yeah postie bike died excuse the mishap.

    Anyways the bike is starting up again after a while so don't tink its the battery, but don't wan2 try and ride it to the mechanics again, cant be bothered pushing back again if the bike dies lol.
  6. Its got oil, the spark plug and connections are good?
  7. Yeah the oil's fine and the spark plug is fine too, dropped it into the workshop hopefully nothing serious.
  8. ct110 Overheating?

    Hey all a bit more news the postie has been serviced and checked out by the garage and they see no problem with it, they did say it could have been overtight valves.

    However the bike did die again recently, but started back up after a few minutes, my question is could this be due to overheating at all?
    Basically i was practicing doing some of the most test skills when this happened, the last thing i want is for this to happen during my most test lol.

  9. fuel blockage? are they carbied?
  10. happened to me once, it was low on fuel and apparently the crap at the bottom of the tank got into the carby.. cleaned it out and all was good...
    lesson of the day, never let it get low on fuel :LOL:
  11. OK, when you say it wouldn't start, was it cranking on the starter motor?

    You seem to indicate the bike got worse as you were riding?

    The lights didn't work? Before you stopped? The faded or just went out? After you restarted?

    Has it happened again?

    Have you ridden it as long after the incident?
  12. It could, but when an engine gets hot enough to nip up, I would expect other symptoms to be present, like a very strong smell of hot. Not hot anything in particular, just hot.
  13. If the power faded out..then she died...but restarted after a break..while smelling hot..it could be a simple case of over heating due to the timing being out..too far advanced.
    I had a lil Vespa that displayed the same trait.
  14. Stopping while moving and then starting a few mins later???

    No crap in the tank causing a temporary fuel blockage?

    Nothing loose moving around that will suddenly block air intake? (seen this on a car but probably unlikely on a bike - but unlikely things can happen)

    No loose wiring moving around causing a short and then moving off again?
  15. Also, a thing to look for, if anyone else has this problem, is, the fuel cap has a tiny hole in the side to allow air to suck into the tank, so it doesn't starve itself. When this blocks, it'll run for a while, then die, which sounds like what happened here.

    Also, a dead battery doesn't stop a CT110 starting, or running perfectly fine (speaking from extensive dead-battery experience!.. Long story)