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Postie Bike Challenge Bris - Darwin 25/9-6/10

Discussion in 'QLD' started by uncosnail, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. I couldn't add this to the calender as the icon for date was not working. But Here it is. Any further info check out their website. Anyone ever done one of these rides, sounds good but so expensive.

    Postie Bike Challenge - Brisbane to Darwin 25/9/2010 - 6/10/2010

    The Postie Bike Challenge is a truly unique experience. It is not a tour or a rally. There is nothing we can say that will ever prepare you for the way you'll feel travelling through the outback, sun in your face, awe-inspiring expansive landscape, having not seen another rider for the past hour, or riding in a pack through pristine world heritage rainforest.

    You will experience a mixture of nerves, trepidation, excitement and adrenaline on the morning of our departure. The only solution is to get on your bike and live the experience, joy and exhilaration of completing the Challenge.

    And the friendships, you can't imagine the close mates you'll make. Friends you are likely to keep well beyond the completion of the Challenge.

    And once you get your head around travelling at 75km/hr you'll be amazed at how your perception of life and the Australian landscape will have changed on completion of the event.

    Nothing will fill you with more pride and satisfaction than knowing that we are supporting local charities and community groups along the way and that the donation of the motorcycle and/or cash will go to worthy local community programs.

    You don't need to be an expert rider to take part in the Postie Bike Challenge. Riding on 110cc motorcycles is the great equaliser regardless of your skill level. But the event is a challenge and there will be times where the distances or road conditions will test your confidence and determination. You could be travelling 240km on a sandy desert road or 450km through the back roads to the next town. The only certainty is that each day could be both physically and mentally draining.

    You can choose to ride alone or with others, but there is no mistaking the camaraderie that such an event inspires. You can enjoy the independence that the event affords though still be assured that one of our 5-6 support vehicles with mechanics, first aid, satellite telephones, fuel and water, and good humour are not far away as they move back and forth amongst the riders.

    The event is a great mix of sealed bitumen and a variety of unsealed surfaces. Accommodation is generally camping in local showgrounds with clean basic amenities. Food is usually excellent and generally provided by the local community groups en-route.
  2. As soon as I can afford to donate a postie, I'll be doing it for sure. That won't be for quite a while though.
  3. They supply the bike.
  4. Isn't that the one where you pay 5500 bucks and they pretty much make you donate the bike at the end? Or am I thinking of another one?
  5. Yep thats the one. Very expensive.
  6. Regardless, I'll still be doing it when I can afford it. Looks like a whole lot of fun plus a good reason to be charitable. I was going to get sponsors and do it last year but I stuffed my knee, so might try again next year.
  7. I'm doing it this year ! :)

    I'm getting some corporate support and at the same time doing a fundraiser for the organisations that assited me when I had my big accident ! NRMA Careflight, Westmead Ambulance and Dural RFS.

    More details soon as soon as I get the PR machine rolling !
  8. Excellent! I'll be interested to see how you go. Good luck with it all!
  9. Awesome! I'm so jealous!
  10. I wanted to do it this year, but my current contract wont allow enough time off. Hopefully next year I can wrangle something!

    Good luck Micky, I am jelous too