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Postie Bike (anyone one else have one?) Pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by willyboy, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone got my postie its a 2002 model :grin: Registered it today :grin:
    has done 21 thousand ks paint and chrome is in good nick.
    changed the oil, plug and cleaned the airfilter.
    Havent checked valve clearance wondering what peoples opinions on that are??

    wondering if anyone else has got one and wants to go for a cruise round melbourne on a sunny day?

    heres a pic of me on the beast :grin:

  2. Dam straight :LOL: :cool:
  3. Re: Postie Bike (anyone one else have one?)

    Wow, instant contract courier work with Australia Post ! :LOL:
  4. You are going to breaking land speed records on that thing Willyboy!

    Enjoy your steed.

  5. Ermmm okay... If anyone thought that it was demeaning to women to be a stripper... We have found a new winner. :LOL:

    I mean, have fun on the road willyboy
  6. You've gotta love the mighty postie bike. Nice one! :)
  7. hmmmmm

    nice mirrors??

  8. man the postie bike challenge sounds awesome!
  9. Gets to 80 pretty easily, im stoked with it.. its the perfect town bike, seems no one else has got one though??

    That photo was taken the day after i bought it on the way to PS in the city to get mirrors :wink: I got a temp reg for it so i could go and get parts etc..

    Postie Challenge would have to be a great ride for sure. Looks like alot of hard work.

    Oh and im stoked with it no matter what slander i cop... It serves my purpose well. I ll learn loads from it.. and while i would love a vtr250 and duc monster and triumph 675 in my garage funds are limited..
  10. i have one and damn i hate it , it to slow! but cool thing is its a semi auto and good for burnouts
  11. nah, not hanging it on ya.

    it'll go for ages, they are nearly indestructable.

  12. are they faster than a modded 50cc skoot?
  13. I'll have to try and save for it. It looks like a heck of a time, but the money is a bit more than I have spare at any given time.

    And, with a bit of luck, I'll have a mortgage to pay off next year, and hopefully saving for a wedding.
  14. Congratulations :) I rode a postie up until September last, for two and a half years, every day, every where, like a sparrow out of hell! I loved it, and recommend them to all my friends if they are looking at the moped end of things. It never failed me once, and hardly cost a cent in fuel or parts. They're also a fun bike to aesthetically modify. If you need parts, Peter Stevens always had what I needed in stock, and for nicks.

    PM me your details if you want to come beach road cruising sometime with my motley crew of close friends, with some of us at one end with bigger bikes, and some mopeds among us at the rear (hence "motley"). There's also the Postie Bike Club, in Melbourne. They had a website sometime back.

    Ignore the good-hearted teasing - all bikes are great! (my next (secondary) one...a Honda Cub 50). Hope to see you on the road :)
  15. i know someone whos getting a postie bike soon :LOL:
  16. Awesome bike- Much cooler and better value than a scooter. Classic 60's design and indestructible. I wish I had one right now...

    Take the crash bars off, they look terrible, and it's not like you're going to really harm resale value if you drop or ding it. Cuts down weight too- go faster!

    They're supposed to mono really well- send us some pics if you get it up :)

    I do like MattB's idea of aesthetically modifying one. Smaller indicators would be the best investment- you can pick them up really cheap, and they'd be a nice contrast to the chunky originals.

    I always thought it would be cool if you could turn one into a bit of a chopper. Raked out suspension, forward 'highway' pegs, buckhorn bars, black paint job. Really annoy some harley guys.

    Alternatively, it would be cool to just do one up bling. Twin streetfighter headlamps, motocross bars, mini pod indicators, straight through exhaust, heavily modded carbs, disc brakes, uprated suspension, digital dash. Imagine how green with envy the local postie would be. Not really worthwhile, but fun to dream none the less. The things I'm going to do when I'm a rich man :cool:
  17. There is one on my shopping list!