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Post your PS3 Online ID

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Petie, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for more people to play online with on the PS3. I've been playing FIFA 11 with my bro online so I've got the bug.

    To keep it relevant I might go buy motoGP or something :p

    So what's your ID?

    Mine is: Yarrick3000
    Tim_4 is: TIMofAUS
    Zauronus is: Zauronus
    Edgelett is: edgelett01
    undii is: tripleund
    Roaster is: RoasterMcdougal
    Mkey is: SpankyMK / SpankysWench
  2. TIMofAUS

    will be online when my holidays start on Thursday. Sorry, but i dont play FIFA. Ive played soccer ever since i was 5, but dont like playing FIFA or watching the pussies act in premier leagues lol.

    btw Petie, if enough people post their ID, could you edit your post to include a list?

    I'll be playing CoD
  3. I've added a running list to the bottom. So there's only 2 of us who ride AND play PS3? :)
  4. Well I ride, and I play PS3, but I'm anti-social and sit there for hours doing full (two practice sessions, qualifying and a full length race) events on F1 2010, and I don't play online. :p
    I don't actually know what my ID is...
  5. I don't play on line because I don't have the download limit to cope and I've got an XBox 360.
  6. then this isnt the thread for you is it champion, its very nearly the exact opposite
  7. if you had one, you would know. You just make one up when you sign up. So you probably dont have one.
  8. I used to and then I got YLOD'd out. Bastard.
  9. ahh, that sucks. Was that a 60GB model?
  10. Well this isn't going as I thought haha.
  11. I bought a PS3 less than a month ago. I still haven't even tried to log in to PSN, a wee bit busy playing the genre games I love (japanese RPGs, resonance of fate, so far prolly the best RPG I've played this side of 2000, at least because it's the latest I've played LOL, about to play eternal sonata for the first time.. soon when I find time).. I put 160 hours into the save game of resonance of fate which probably translated to ~200 hours due to the continue re-trying after dying in the early stages on some of the bosses..

    So.. I hope to log into PSN soon, I'll post what my ID is but then again, I went for a kick a55 job on friday, interview went AWESOME (I hadn't planned to work again until 1-4 years away due to having the finances saved away so we aren't forced to work, I get to see my lil girl grow, plus a second + final bub due May next year). Well, job front, I went for this job cause it's AWESOME, great pay, unix security firm and it's work from home. They know of my injury + pain but will "work with me" regarding it *joy*, I just have to see how I went against the other people interviewed for the job position(s). So *fingers crossed* I won't have time to play games soon, being a dad + working full time means no real time for gaming, due to riding all the other spare time :p But for now, I mix my day from riding, being a daddy + plugging away on the network at home to keep up on computer stuff.

    Not a bad off tangent for a PSN online ID eh? I've got a 640GB HDD PS3, it was a 120GB model but a $80 640GB HDD was put in, 'tis a good way to have stuff stored on the HDD vs streaming/copying over the network when needed, plus it's fun to know I've customised my PS3 in however little way that I could :D
  12. Yeah, blows huge chunks. Turns out it happens to many of those. Sucks to be an earlier adopter. I've reflowed it twice and each time it runs for a couple of weeks then dies.

    I don't so mind losing the gaming element but I'm really missing putting torrents on a memory stick and being able to play them on the tv via the blue ray. Ah well.
  13. My psn is Zauronus, Ill be playing black ops most nights.....
  14. speaking of which, got my last exam today, will probably pick it up on the back the central coast.
  15. my PS3 ID is edgelett01

    usually playing Rock Band or Singstar, God of War III, or since I just got the Move controllers i'm hitting the Sports Champions pretty hard lately too!

    Going to grab The Fight next week.
  16. OK, I signed up, tripleund

    Now to just find out I got the job I went for an interview last Friday so it means I won't have time to play my new'ish PS3 heh
  17. RoasterMcdougal

    I'm on UC2 and CODMW2 mainly
  18. SpankyMK (My PS3) and SpankysWench (The wifes PS3)

    Stupid part is I use her PS3 more than she does (I play Warhawk mainly, waiting for Gran Turismo 5 to arrive in a week or so) and she uses my PS3 on the Main TV for PlayTV.
  19. Yay we have momentum! List updated :)
  20. I bought Gran Turismo 5 today. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz, it really requires some MAD SKILLZ BRO to get gold in the licences, maybe I'm being tooooooo hard on myself, with me hardly playing car games in the past decade (funny that, when I started working full time, my gaming died) and with my nerve damage in my right shoulder, it kinda makes using a steering wheel redundant for me so I use the controller. Finding it a bit crazy, doing B-6 at present, I've only spent like an hour or so to get to here (gold), not sure if I will just settle for silver for some licences and come back once I've dusted the web off my car driving skills somewhat.

    But for now, I think I'll be playing GT5 for most (all?) of my gaming time, I will play eternal sonata once a mate lends it to me. All I need now is to find out I got the job I got interviewed for a bit ago (they're actually too busy to spend time on hiring, so I'm told best to wait until their work is a bit quieter so they can concentrate on doing the hiring, hopefully I get told YAY, I'm keen to work again, working from home of course so hence the job I went for a couple weeks ago or so works out!)