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VIC Post your PB at Phillip Island & Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hondamick, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Post your PBs at Broadford.
    Update as you improve.

    Ill go first. 1.05.2 on R6 99 model.

  2. Post your PBs at Phillip Island
    Update as you improve.

    Ill go first. 2.02 on CBR900 94 model. Was over 18 months ago. Might see if I can get down again later in the year.
  3. Not getting much love here Mick......

    Let's see if I can help get the ball rolling for you.

    ZX6R 2009

    PI PB 1.43.4
    Optimal 1.42.4

    Broadford PB 62.3
    Optimal 62.3 lol
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  4. Thanks jonnymac I know your quick though BnB forums.
    I know there was a good lot of banter and BS in those threads and thought that it might be a good place to start it up again with some fresh faces.
    Darn 1.42/43s..... Thats awesome. One day... Im hoping to get back down to Vic in September and have another crack at Broady and the Island and knock some time out of my PBs. Still riding green I see.:)
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  5. Stock 2013 675R
    PI - 1:50.5
    BF - 1:04.something.
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  6. Hey Mick,

    Yes I remember you from bb hasn't that slowed down. It was pretty popular for a while.
    Yep still on green. Not sure I could ever change!!!! I am irish after all.

    Yeh I agree the banter was good fun!!! Plus it's good to see your progress. Although I'm not entirely sure how much more progress I'll have.
    Would be nice to do a 41 on a 600 though.

    I reckon I can find a couple of seconds at broady too I just haven't been there for so long.

    Would be good for you to get to PI it's definitely the premier track in Aus if not the world
  7. Get a tow from another 600 Adam and you'll be doing 47s in a heartbeat. Just don't try it with a thou.
  8. Yeah that's the key isn't it, find someone slightly quicker than you and try and keep up!