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Post Your mates car beating experiances (road rage stories)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crutch, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Has anyone here had a ""mate"" that got cut of or nearly ran over by a four wheeler, If so tell us what they did about it.

    Tell us if they got caught or not :)

    Happened to me today some soccer mum tryed to kill me on james ruse would have loved to pulled up next to her and send herto the panel beaters but would have missed my exit (besides sure someone would have got my plates)
  2. Methinks this could be a long and stormy thread...

    For me, not yet but have seen it happen often, too often.
  3. A friend of mine on these forums [who I will let identify himself if he so chooses] has knocked a side-mirror off a van that tried to merge into him.
    -has punched a mirror out of adjustment [didn't break] on a van that nearly merged into one of his friends while riding and after being stopped at the lights the driver tried to say it was the rider's fault.

    -he kicked and dented a panel on [another van, I think] that cut him off or some such thing.

    I haven't had the situation arise where I feel strongly enough to even threaten violence on a car driver.

    ... and vans? well I just don't ride anywhere near the friggin' things :grin:
  4. as I was saying to my friends the other night...

    If somebody does something stupid and dangerous which could have killed me, my first thought is to increase my distance from them as much as possible, and as safely as possible. It just isn't worth it. What exactly is damaging the vehicle going to achieve? are they going to think 'oh look, there's about $500 or more damage to my vehicle, I guess I shouldn't have made that maneuvre'.

    Who knows what sort of person they are? Their first instinct might be to swerve into you!

    The reality is, that actions like this, are highly unlikely to change the driving habits of the other driver.

    You are much better off getting as far away from them as possible.
  5. i disgree tim if u stick your steel caps into their door and they get a panel beaters bill of $1000+ it might make em give a shit next time they dont do a headcheck

    I always look out for soccermums/suv's/utes/trucks cause i know they are a bit worse being next to i learnt so will they

    = im very aware thetre is going to be a few lemons sayin its not safe/legal/moral/erotic/tasty i wana hear some good stories and have some fantasies while im at work so kep em comin
  6. /me cautiously backs away from the guy humping the dented guard
  7. That $1000 repair bill will be on their mind everytime they see another motorcycle, and one day they may end up killing a motorcyclist, intentionally or not, because of that. Sure, kick the door, nothing may happen to you but down the track some other rider may pay a heavy price for such actions.
  8. I heard a few awesome bike stories from a guy I used to work with. I've probably posted them before, I'm pretty sure, so I'll at least make sure I'm posting them in a completely different style to how I would have put them up before...

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess!
    ... don't act surprised, all princesses are beautiful in these kinds of stories... no there is no Camilla in this story. Yes this princess rode... no, a bike - not horses. Look, STFU and let me tell the story, ok?

    Anyway, our princess has only just recently gotten her riders license and had purchased something called a "scootah". Of course she is very nervous about all the raw, ball-tearing, dragster-raping power this "scootah" has, so she was riding it veeeery cautiously.
    One day, whilst riding upon one of the fine and well made Sydney roads, where nothing unexpected or bad happens (Can you spell "bullcrap", children?) - our fair princess was harassed by the evil and mean Baron Von Lebo in his lowered V6 Holden horseless-carriage, with his cuzins in the back :shock:
    The Baron would tail-gait the princess, make as if to merge into her, overtake and then slow down forcing her to overtake - and then repeat the process all over again.

    This made the princess very nervous (Can you say "Brown Draggins", boys and girls?).

    The harassment continued for several miles, until a set of red beacons stopped the traffic at a large, painted white-line. Our princess was on her "scootah" at the front, while the evil Baron Von Lebo was directly behind - so close that he lightly bumped the princess' "scootah" with his horseless carriage!
    Terrified, the princess waited for the lights to change, desperate for an opportunity to turn off this road but afraid that the horseless carriage would follow her to a less public area and the harassment would get worse.

    It was then, that a loud rumbling was heard.

    To the princess's terror, a large and intimidating Knight drove straight through the cars at the lights and stopped next to her.
    With more 'black leather', 'tattoos' and 'beard' than 'shining armour', our princess was even more frightened than before!
    Nervously trying to keep calm, the princess was surprised when the Knight [on his very loud, but unreliable looking steed] spoke up over the V-twin Yankee roar:

    "Are these lads boverin' you, love?"

    Terror turned to mild relief as the princess realised that this Knight might actually ride nearby for the rest of the journey and keep her safe from the Baron Von Lebo and his entourage.

    "Yes, they are!" the princess eagerly replied, fully expecting the Knight to nod knowlingly and place his bike gallantly between her and the imminent danger.
    Hence, it was with surprise that she saw him place his steed on it's stand, and remove his helmet...
    He then hopped of his bike, and walked back towards the horseless carriage and the princess' aggressors.

    'Oh, I'm sure he's just going to have a polite chat with them' the princess thought, as the Knight punched his helmet through the right-rear passenger window of the carriage.
    As glass fell inside and outside the carriage with a loud break and clattering sound, the helmeted fist again entered the car - but through a different window this time. The driver's window.

    ... then the rear quarter window.

    ... then finally the windscreen.

    "Oh my!" the princess thought, "What a talented man this Knight is! He even speaks another language." as she overheard her saviour issue what sounded like some sort of noble challenge to a duel.

    "I sor wot yoos did! Get outcher cah! I fukkin' dare yas! Get out! Carn!" the Knight issued forth, through the avenues for communication he had created in the body of the vehicle.

    As it appeared the young men were disinclined to extricate themselves from the carriage, the Knight returned to his steed just in time for the beacons to return to the pleasing green colour that they should always display.

    Before her glorious rescuer rode off into the sunset, he parted company with the princess, giving her a smile and a polite "Ride safe, love." - our princess then rode off too... and she never saw that particular horseless carriage again.

    And she rode happily ever after... except for that prick in the Excel who wasn't watching, but she was expecting that and got out of the way just fine.

  9. Seriously man, I had trouble getting up off the floor after that. Priceless.

    Those posts should come with warnings...
  10. Rightio.

    :roll: :roll:

    Please kindly imitate this.


    And Ktulu, that was awesome! :LOL:
  11. that was brilliant!
  12. Once again Ktulu you got me in stitches :LOL:

    I have had a few 'road rage' incidents. The most recent was when I was filtering through traffic on the way home from work. As the cars started to move i was level with two of them. The driver of the cage on the right decided to swerve to stop me from proceeding forward. He knew I was there because I saw him look in the mirror and over his shoulder. Anyway my mirror hit his cage and the cage to my left. A couple of swift kicks to his door managed to get him to move back over but not before both of my mirrors were bent. It was also at this point that i realised it was time for some new dririder pants :LOL:

    Had another where a guy flicked a cigarette at me as I was filtering stationery traffic. Again the bastard saw me and waited till I was right there before doing it. I ended up getting stuck behind some traffic and he passed me in the left lane, shouting abuse. Once some room opened up to filter i continued on my way only to see this chump swerve to block me. He didn't serve enough and only managed to have my *ahem* extended elbow take out his mirror (gotta love the elbow armour in jackets :grin: ).

    Yeah I know it MAY give other riders a bad rep and I'll probably get flamed here but some cagers just deserve it.
  13. Had a guy pull out RIGHT in front of me from a servo, with a shitty little burnout and everything. Oldish (50+) guy wearing a hi-vis vest. Gave him a honk, he looked over next to me (Had to swerve into the right hand lane to avoid him) he stuck his finger up, I gave him the forks and he started leaning out his window abusing me. Kept following me along Old Northern road when at jasper road, still alongside me, still yelling abuse and he got out his ute.

    I got off my bike, he came towards me and started pushing me, telling me to take off my helmet. "Nah, piss off" and he kept pushing me etc. Sick of it, i just shook my head and turned away to go back to my bike when he started laying into me, around the chest. So i grabbed him by his collar and headbutted him, helmet on. He fell on the ground, told him to stay there and he's still gobbing off, with a fair bit of blood around his mouth and nose. Pushed him back to the ground and that's when two blokes from a truck behind us got out, one sat on him and the other pushed me away.

    Police came, wanted to charge me but the landscapers gave a statement and I got off. Apparantly they told him that it didn't look good for him, with three people's statements against his. Dropped the charges.

    Moral of the story: Well, I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
  14. lol - that's only a couple of hundred metres from my house - if you ride through Masonic Schools there, you get to Watkins Rd, and that's my street :grin:

    I'm not a particularly built guy - if someone got out of their car and approached me looking like they have intent to hurt, I'd hit first and either ask questions later/bugger off quick-smart.
    But nor am I the kind of guy to completely avoid confrontation if I'm in the right and want to make a point.

    *curiosly awaiting first proper road-rage incident*
  15. Wasn't on my bike, was in the cage a few years ago. Had a fat wanker courier sitting right up my arse (I am talking VERY close) in a 70 zone, so I gave the brakes a little tap and he had to slam on his to avoid hitting me.

    He then proceeded to pull up next to me (I was in right lane), grab his steering wheel lock and start taking swings at my car.

    He then decided to chase me around (I took some backstreets in an effort to lose the tosser) and followed me back to my house.

    I raced inside and grabbed a cricket bat, and came out to have a little chat to him.

    He drove off.

    Probably realised when he saw the fact that I was:

    6 foot.

    95kgs of muscular build from working out 5-7 days a week and could have probably picked him up and thrown him.
  16. Have had a few but I always try to stay away from inflicting damage. Criminal damage charge = police record = loss of security clearance = loss of career for me. The only time I have come close was when some scrag in a shitbox tried to cut past a long stream of merging traffic where two lanes merged into one. No-one would let her in so she tore up alongside me to try to muscle me out of the way to let her in. I held my position and extended my left foot, making it very clear that if she came anywhere near me she was going to suffer some damage. She backed off and slid in behind me causing the car behind to brake hard. In that case I was about 1/2 a second away from causing some damage and I had made the decision to do it if need be. Never crossed that line before or since in regards to deciding to damage stuff. But in this case it was a natural reaction to something almost hitting me from the left.
  17. F*ckin couriers. I was in a 90 zone, but being on my Ls i was sitting on about 85. A dickhead from couriers please was sitting about half a meter behind me. I did as the rta handbook suggests and slowed down because we both need more times and space to stop if hes going to tail gate me. So he overtakes me on double white lines in a blind corner, half in my lane still giving me very little room, and then had the nerve to blast me. I mean i'm on my L's, wtf did he expect. I wish i had have caught back up to him so i could exchange some 'words' with him when he stopped next. But he lost me going faster and i decided to forget about it. I got his number plate too, i wish i had have rung up the compony to complain, but i decided not too, not sure why.
  18. oops - double post :oops:
  19. You guys that are inflicting a little payback should be very careful. One day you might get a pyscho that will do more than just yell abuse.

    Some guy was pulled off his motorcycle in my hometown last year by some "youths" when he was riding home from work. They stomped on his head (with helmet still on) and beat him pretty bad. They said if a passing motorist hadn't stoped and removed his helmet, he would have died from the swelling. I think he still has permanent brain damage.

    I know this is not quite the same as road rage but things can happen.
  20. You guys that are inflicting a little payback should be very careful. One day you might get a pyscho that will do more than just yell abuse.

    Some guy was pulled off his motorcycle in my hometown last year by some "youths" when he was riding home from work. They stomped on his head (with helmet still on) and beat him pretty bad. They said if a passing motorist hadn't stoped and removed his helmet, he would have died from the swelling. I think he still has permanent brain damage.

    I know this is not quite the same as road rage but things can happen.