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Post your favourite bike vids

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chilliman64, May 4, 2016.

  1. I've been thinking about this topic for a while. there are bike vids/links all over the place, how about we try to get them in one place.

    anything goes - road, racing, stunting, mods, whatever.

    I thought I'd start it off with this one, a couple of Japanese guys on youtube (webike japan) trying to get a couple of H2Rs up to 400kmh. the white Trick Star at around 5:00 sounds great and the footage from behind the windshield is a bit mesmerising. it's in Japanese with English subtitles. you can tell these dudes are enjoying themselves!

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  2. The original "On any sunday" is well worth the watch. I've seen the latest one by his son, but the first is the best.
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  3. Easy.
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  4. Being South African The Bike Show is really the only source of bike reviews when there

    Really enjoyed this one when I started scouting for bikes to buy

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  5. what did he say around 2:05 about a coffee machine? lol!!!
  6. Faster
    Hitting the apex (this is really good)
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  9. This video just blows my mind. There are a bunch of 360 degree videos on the official IOM TT channel on youtube that also well worth a look.....especially coming into TT time.

    Just check out some of the off camber corners he takes at speed........farkin nutso

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  10. That's insane!

    The IOM is on my list, not to ride in of course (no skillz here) but to watch and be amazed in person.
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  11. That's it.....Netrider joint trip to Ireland coming up..... :) Would be great.
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  12. I can watch this stuff all day...sometimes do.

    Or this is the record lap from last year. Check out at about 1minute when he opens it up down the bottom........turns into warp speed.

    Where it all started.....

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  13. I think ive put this up before.
    Northwest 200....[​IMG]
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  17. "Handles like a little wasp on speed"
    Thats gotta be good engine sounds real nice but errr that front end...
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  18. it's got three things I like: aprilia; twisties; and, AC/DC.

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  19. I see this in your future lol!
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  20. yeah baby! only a few more days...
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