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Post Whoring for a few days

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Time to up my post count over the next few days, or maybe if weather/hangover permits I'll get out and do some more k's :twisted:

    Got to work yesterday to find the state manager had dropped by,
    I gave my usual " Huh ! you here to finally give me my DCM letter :LOL: "

    " Well Bob as a matter of fact :oops: "

    " WTF ?! :shock: "

    " yeah I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with the big roadworks project in the area coming to an end and none in the near future. I'm sorry but with all the company downsizing we can't afford to keep a full time mechanic on up here." So effective as from now, your services are no longer required, you'll be paid out all your bonuses / leave and pay in lew of notice......... sorry "

    So basically that was it, clean out the service truck of all your tools etc and bye bye. :evil:

    I'm the 4th mechanic in as many weeks to get the DCM from this particular company !!

    But to quote Alfred E. Neuman " what me worry "

    Two phone calls earlier today and I step into a new role next Monday with one of Coffs biggest transport company's :cool:
    So as the title says, I'm on 'holidays' for a few days so expect a little post whoring from mwah :twisted: :p
  2. haha, u dont seem to worried :p
    least u get all the payouts n shit.
    now u can start accruing it with the next job :LOL:

    enjoy the break :twisted:
  3. Good to hear you bounced straight into something better Bob. They must have heard about your legendary abilities.

    Which reminds me, I've got a packet of sultanas and three froot loops here, and I wouldn't mind a new big screen telly. Reckon you can whip something up?
  4. One door closes .. another opens Bob :wink:
    Hope this one brings better things for you
  5. damn, oh well hopefully there is very little traffic on the roads for you for the rest of week :wink:

    seriously bad luck on the old job, and congrats on the new one.

    cheers stewy :)
  6. The holiday when you've already got a new job lined up is THE BEST.

    I had 5 glorious weeks off this year, with no worrying about having to find work; it's so relaxing.

    + all the beer.
  7. Sounds like a six day ride is on the cards!
  8. Swwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeet!!

    Noice. Gonna update with the extra severance money?
  9. Hopefully you wont have to work on shitheaps.
  10. :LOL: I like the way Rob thinks :idea:
  11. Nah all the trucks are turned over every two years, so it a fairly young fleet :)

    But my principle job will be just trailer repairs, so lots of welding and repairing suspensions / brakes etc......
    Woo Hoo I get a break from dirty grubby diesel engines for a while. :)

    Oh and for those that want to know I'll be working for Lindsys Transport,
    and those that know the company will understand why I'm going to be very busy

    Rob, I may post up my handshake figger when they get it right.
    What was promised is not what is in the bank atm. :evil:
  12. Lindsay Bros Transport, great bunch of guys. I used to deal with them when I worked for Telstra on the North Coast. Very old school management style.

    Have fun Bob :grin:
  13. So I take it its one of those offices where you can tap the tea lady on the bottom as she walks pass ???
  14. Obviously old-school, as "tap" means something pretty different, these days...
  15. have fun on your time off bobette!!

    this weather we've been having has made me want to quit my job. hahaha.
  16. Onwards and upwars Bob.
    Hope LB look after you. They need you :)
  17. Bob, what they really want, is your ability to make a new Tautliner, from a ball of wool, and a Skateboard.
  18. Oh what a predicament I'm in :? :LOL:

    Seems I have more than one opportunity for reemployment up here, all confirmed I just have to choose which one.

    1. as Rog stated so well ..... Building Semi trailers out of skate boards/wire and wool :LOL:
    @ $19hr + OT
    7am start

    2. local hire company
    @ $19hr + OT + company vehicle
    7am start

    3. local company working on forklifts etc
    @ 23.50hr + OT + vehicle + phone + Laptop + expense acc
    8.30am start

    Oh the humanity of it all :LOL:
  19. Bob, glad you have fallen on your feet. Lots of opportunity for you. Think i might move to Coffs. :p
  20. I assume you'll take number 3 & tell the others to fork off? :LOL: