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Post-Vintage Triumph Restoration

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tankgirl, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Hope this is the sort of project that fits here. This is just an intro.

    I bought an old Triumph, at the Bendigo Swap Meet, Victoria, a few years ago. A 1936 Triumph L2/1 250.
    Came in parts & boxes as many interesting restoration jobs do.
    I (or household) have never had a British bike before. Always wanted one since a kid. Dad rode a Norton as a youth.

    It wasn't a complete bike. Or even in good repair.
    A 'reconditioned' gearbox that arrived in pieces, in an ice-cream container – Hmmm!.
    BSA rear guard (I think) - anyone want one? Haha!
    Bought a 350 g/box at Scoresby Swap that will suit, with a little modification.
    Swapmeets have been the main sourcing grounds for parts & a few country bike shops. Have met some good folk who keep an eye out for parts & answer what questions of mine they can.
    I tend to buy any parts that come my way (in good condition & $$) as there's not a lot around. Can't have too many spare parts. :grin:
    Being one of the last models before the Tiger series, there are some interchangable components.
    She won't be an 'original' restoration, but have a look of her own.
    I'm lucky that most of the work can be done in-house. Looking at getting guards fabricated - any suggestions?
    This is a 'not in any hurry' project.
    If there's anyone out there that may have or have had one of the L series, or just interested, I'd love to have a chat. I'll add posts as the project evolves.
    Have linked a few pics (let me know if it doesn't works)
    Hope you like her.
  2. a lil off topic, but where would these swap meets located?
  3. Swapmeets are never off topic :grin:

    All Victoria
    Bendigo - Nov
    Ballarat - Feb/Mar
    Scoresby, Melb. - April
    Castlemaine - April
    Berwick, outer East Melb. - Feb
    Yarra Glen - Feb
  4. Take lots of pics as it slowly comes together. That is going to be one hell of a rebuild. Hope all goes well.
  5. Ta HD
    Thank goodness for digital cameras. lol.
    It's a bit of a challenge & a lot of fun - good combination.
  6. Well someone's at least had a good go at restoring the engine.....

    Speaking of boxes of bits, my old metal work teacher at High School was a Jaguar nut, and I asked him one day how he got that way, His response was hilarious. He said "Well, I used to be a Riley nut, and one day I visited a mate and saw a box of bits in the corner of his garage. I said 'What's all that?' and he said, 'Oh, that's a pile of Jaguar bits!'. "Oh, I've got a box of Riley bits in the corner of my garage; would you like to swap?' "Yes'.

    So the mate became a Riley nut and Mr Doohan became a Jaguar nut :LOL:.
  7. If you give Greg a ring at huntingdale motorcycles, he might be able to help you out with some bits and pieces.
    I have another mate who has 6 bsa's in his shed dont know what he plans to do with them but he cant help himself. Hmmmm BSA i will buy it :shock:
    good luck with your project
  8. hornet - Yeah, the engine looks like it's OK, but the piston is a used one. Plus going by the gearbox example - I'll be pulling it (engine) down, just incase. I'd rather trust what I know is done right.

    brick - can't find him in Y/Pages - do you know Business Name/ address?

    Go-on buy it , you know you want to :wink:
  9. Got his number
    its central motorcycles in huntingdale
    (03) 9540 0866