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Post-Vintage Triumph Restoration

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tankgirl, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Hope this is the sort of project that fits here. This is just an intro.

    I bought an old Triumph, at the Bendigo Swap Meet, Victoria, a few years ago. A 1936 Triumph L2/1 250.
    Came in parts & boxes as many interesting restoration jobs do.
    I (or household) have never had a British bike before. Always wanted one since a kid. Dad rode a Norton as a youth.

    It wasn't a complete bike. Or even in good repair.
    A 'reconditioned' gearbox that arrived in pieces, in an ice-cream container – Hmmm!.
    BSA rear guard (I think) - anyone want one? Haha!
    Bought a 350 g/box at Scoresby Swap that will suit, with a little modification.
    Swapmeets have been the main sourcing grounds for parts & a few country bike shops. Have met some good folk who keep an eye out for parts & answer what questions of mine they can.
    I tend to buy any parts that come my way (in good condition & $$) as there's not a lot around. Can't have too many spare parts. :grin:
    Being one of the last models before the Tiger series, there are some interchangable components.
    She won't be an 'original' restoration, but have a look of her own.
    I'm lucky that most of the work can be done in-house. Looking at getting guards fabricated - any suggestions?
    This is a 'not in any hurry' project.
    If there's anyone out there that may have or have had one of the L series, or just interested, I'd love to have a chat. I'll add posts as the project evolves.
    Have linked a few pics (let me know if it doesn't works)
    Hope you like her.
  2. a lil off topic, but where would these swap meets located?
  3. Swapmeets are never off topic :grin:

    All Victoria
    Bendigo - Nov
    Ballarat - Feb/Mar
    Scoresby, Melb. - April
    Castlemaine - April
    Berwick, outer East Melb. - Feb
    Yarra Glen - Feb
  4. Take lots of pics as it slowly comes together. That is going to be one hell of a rebuild. Hope all goes well.
  5. Ta HD
    Thank goodness for digital cameras. lol.
    It's a bit of a challenge & a lot of fun - good combination.
  6. Well someone's at least had a good go at restoring the engine.....

    Speaking of boxes of bits, my old metal work teacher at High School was a Jaguar nut, and I asked him one day how he got that way, His response was hilarious. He said "Well, I used to be a Riley nut, and one day I visited a mate and saw a box of bits in the corner of his garage. I said 'What's all that?' and he said, 'Oh, that's a pile of Jaguar bits!'. "Oh, I've got a box of Riley bits in the corner of my garage; would you like to swap?' "Yes'.

    So the mate became a Riley nut and Mr Doohan became a Jaguar nut :LOL:.
  7. If you give Greg a ring at huntingdale motorcycles, he might be able to help you out with some bits and pieces.
    I have another mate who has 6 bsa's in his shed dont know what he plans to do with them but he cant help himself. Hmmmm BSA i will buy it :shock:
    good luck with your project
  8. hornet - Yeah, the engine looks like it's OK, but the piston is a used one. Plus going by the gearbox example - I'll be pulling it (engine) down, just incase. I'd rather trust what I know is done right.

    brick - can't find him in Y/Pages - do you know Business Name/ address?

    Go-on buy it , you know you want to :wink:
  9. Got his number
    its central motorcycles in huntingdale
    (03) 9540 0866