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Post Valencia Test - MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by alexk, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. I'm new to the forum, so a big hello to you all!

    What do you guys make of the results from the Valencia test, Stoner 1st by day 2 and Rossi 15th?


  2. Welcome, alexk. i think it doesn't mean lot to be honest. And Rossi just finished his shoulder operation, so not only the ankle injury bothered him. i still think he is very promising in next year.. I like his bad-ass style, and he's fast.
  3. Testing results mean f all. Nobody shows their hand this early.
  4. I think the results are reasonably real - it wouldn't be a surprise that Rossi will take a little time setting the bike up. Pretty anything that could be adjusted will need to be tweaked for him as well as trying 2 motors.......I don't think setting lap records would have been possible until they sort through the weekend's feedback.

    But Rossi and his crew are a pretty formidable team. They should be a force next year.

    Stoner's luckier, he's joining Honda when the bike's at it's peak, it was almost expected that'd he'd be fast straight off the bat.
  5. All the excuses you made for Rossi, like getting the bike set up for him, apply to Stoner and the others as well, you know.
    I'll give Rossi credit for the shoulder op, and I think that's all it is.
    Ego's at this level are pretty strong, and any of the others out there at full fitness, would not be happy with Stoner going that well on a bike he doesn't know, especially since alot of the other blokes are with their same year 2010, teams.
    I'm fairly sure that behind closed doors they are saying "feckin hell"!

  6. Wonder if at any stage Rossi rode Stoners' bike from sunday....

    if he did, Rossi would have to eat his words from a few months back when he said Stoner wasn't trying.
  7. Hi Alex & welcome!

    Who are these Rossi & Stoner characters you speak of?
  8. No one should write Rossi off, ever. He has proven in the past that he's a force. Him & JB will get that duc up to speed as soon as possible, and will be there to "stick it" to stoner & Lorenzo.

    Stoner is going to be a force next year, right off the bat. He's a good rider, and on a good bike. Enough said. Lorenzo look out.

    that said, i think all the teams will be focusing on building a 1000cc bike for 2012, and i dont think we'll see much more 800cc development throughout the 2011 season. More small refinements.
  9. Too true, but because the Ducati's notorious for being a difficult bike to ride (no one other than Stoner has managed to do so successfully), Rossi may deserve a little leeway in getting right? There's something unique about the bike that he needs to work out so it suits him.

    But who really knows?
  10. I think whast was very telling was Stoner commenting that the Honda was 'smooth like glass' or very similar. The Yam is generally considered to be the best behaved and so if the Honda is glass then perhaps Rossi is getting an education over there on the Red.

    But both sides could be right, we just have to wait and see. I am not sure how good the shoulder will be at the next test but I think people really will be starting to worry if Rossi can't be competetive then.
  11. I think it's funny Ducati have now acknoledged they now have a front end problem because Rossi said so. If they make the right changes to the bike before the Sepang test, then they will do well. But isn't that a short amount of time to develop a new chassis?