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Post up your MUG shots!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waymoz, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Just went on the L plate ride tonight and have absolutely no idea who was who. So I figured we should start a thread with our photos. Not sure if this should be in here or the Off-Topic Thread, but because it's related to the Ride Outs I figured it'd be better off here? If not, move it. :)

    only because no one else is. LOL and yes this is me.

    So everybody else jump on it! Show your faces! :cool:
  2. I'll be right :p

    I don't want cops trolling and knowing what I look like and what bike i ride :p
  3. oh i didn't think of that. should i take this down?

    ps. im not a cop. lol!
  4. TOO LATE :p

  5. I reckon this thread is going to attract some ugly hairy "tackle" :LOL:
  6. rofl !!

    ahh waymoz..i saw u yesterday :)

    i was on the red zx6r...one of the guys who didn't go for the ride :)
  7. If you want to post a pic of yourself do it in the garage section along with your bike.
  8. This is me

    And this is my bike

    Hi waymoz, nice to meet you :)
  9. that red paint scheme matching with the tyre is sexed out !!
    wonder how u do stoppies on it though :p
  10. Sarz, even from such a young age your beauty was so obvious.
    That subtle fringe flick is very Charlies Angels :wink:
  11. That is totally NOT a bike. it has 4 wheels and no side stand.
  12. This was me ona run yesterday. :grin:

  13. how the hell do u take a u turn :| :shock: :?
  14. With attitude!
  15. Porcelain complexion Loz. Such a pretty thing you are
  16. damn you loz, beat me to it :p
  17. Netrider mug shot?

  18. No trolley shot?
  19. I'm afraid the trolleys are reserved for Jax, until she finds the one she fell off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.