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Post Track day maintenance

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Blaz, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, i'm planning to start getting into track days with my bike. And I mean quite frequently during each year, so I just want to ask if there are any specific bits and pieces (apart from regular maintenance) that should be, or require to be serviced after numerous track days.

    I understand it's only a Ninja 250 and is not entirely a "sport bike" , buy it's obvious that the bike is going to be ridden pretty hard on each session, this could and most likely would result in quite a bit more engine wear when compared to regular riding. My intentions are to enjoy the riding experience but also to reduce the chance of engine damage. So what sort of "extra/track" maintenance would I have to perform on my bike to protect it's internals ?

  2. if your riding your bike on the street as well, id probably do an oil change just before the track day.

    for my track bike, I change the oil every 2nd track day.

    then just check every thing else. brake pad wear etc, a day on the track is like a month on the road.
  3. If your not using the bike on the road track bikes really sit around.

    Every time (day before track day):
    - Charge battery
    - Empty rocks and crap out of lower fairing
    - clean and grease chain
    - drain out fuel tank (syphon pump) and refresh with fresh 98
    - clean/degrees - helps you spot leaks and gives you and the scruitoneers a bit of peice of mind

    Every couple of times:

    - Oil change

    - adjust chain and confirm axel alignment

    - pull the brake calipers off and clean them with brake cleaner (and the disk surface) and cleaning the slides.

    I find the track bike ends up getting pulled apart all the time so everything ends up getting checked and cleaned as you go, way more than a road bike.
  4. Yes very true, this is my track bike at the moment haha

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  5. Wow that's really stripped! Last week mine had no wheels and suspension. Now thats back together but its got no fairings or brakes. Gotta get her back together for sunday.