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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cheky, Sep 15, 2008.

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  3. Welcome.


    Is the title based on your experience? or is it fact? - Could be considered slander.
  4. Heya thanks for the welcome,
    It was a presonal experience. I wouldnt comment on rumours as they are just rumours but as it happened to me that what the information is based on. Would love to show the bike as photos wouldnt do any justice on how bad the workmanship really is.
  5. Sis is definately the man! He does all the work on my bike too. :cool:
  6. Can't blame the Sydney mob for not knowing the laws in Vic I guess, but the rest of the story sounds pretty shitful, that's for sure!
  7. Um. Okay. :shock:

    Welcome to NR.
  8. yeah i dont blame sydney for not knowing the laws but if a rear disc says min thickness 4mm and it measure up 3mm surely you would replace it right? also the front wheel was bald and still passes roadworthy so i paid them $220 to put a new one on before it came down to vic as it was sitting on the wear indicator so i would have had about 300km worth of tread if that..
  9. sorry J_B but slander is spoken, liable is written.

    Cheky - sounds rough man. I guess its true of the adage ' buyer beware'. got to check out everything carefully before you buy. I had issues like that with my first car. absolute dog and no accountability from people. once you find a good dealer/mechanic etc stick to em and refer them all the business you can to make sure they stay in business
  10. Yeah i know buyer beware... Now that i finally found SIS its like a pray answered and believe me when i say he doesnt need the work... His shop is packed. Alot of my mates bring their dirt bikes to him and dont care how long they have to wait but they know he does a damn good job. Maybe my next bike he can come with me and check it out before i shoot myself in the foot again.
  11. Libel :)
  12. Did you actually look at and check over the bike before you bought it?
    What did you do pre purchase to ensure you were buying what was being offered?
    Slagging off about every vendor you come across does not justify your "victim" attitude.
  13. wtf....i would of spoken firstly to the first place and asked them to provide a bike that passes r.w.c. or you will report them (by this i mean rotors, pads and tyres) as for bar ends well meh each state has different laws on that but yeah tyres/brakes etc. as far as i am aware that all r.w.c. that they sign off on must be in good enough shape that if retested 30days from date of cert. that they must have enough meat/tread to still pass. Doesn't sound like your would off

    Glad to hear you got it all sorted though :)
  14. well when i first went to the dealership i looked over the bike. as the bike is full fairing could really see much regarding the engine all though it was very clean and motor was running fine. (looked at oil colour and rubbed oil with fingers. checked the front pads as i could see those easily as for the rear disc i didnt bring a disc measuring tool with to check the size as anyone who is getting a blue slip (NSW eqivelant to Roadworthy in VIC) wouldnt have to check this. I brought up the front tyre and was told it is sitting on the wear indicator so it passes. I have had 10 bikes since i have been riding places i have bought from are Yamaha City, Action Motorcycles, Ray Quincey, Raceway Suzuki, Redwing Honda and i have never had any problems at all i get a service and i pay for it. The only reason im peeved at these 2 dealerships is that im old school and believe your word is your bond. If you say you will provide a level of service then you should do that dont talk shit to sell a bike only to screw someone. There are about 30 of us that ride bikes and i have refered them to the dealerships above and they keep going back to buy more bike as we get a good level of service (except Ray quincey dont really trust the bikes as members of net rider have had some terrifying experinces allthough Ray is great to deal with). Im not on this forum to sook but only to warn other riders so they dont get dishearten with dealerships and mecahnics in general as there are plenty who are great. Ball was one of the best mechanice to deal and was straight to the point and did a fantastic job. I only wish he was around today so he could put his golden touch to my bike... R.I.P Ronnie
  15. I have the blue slip at home.. If a tyre is on the tread indicator it still passes. as for the disc and pads.. Well if it isnt rusty it passes and if there is even 1/2 a mm of meat on the pads then it passes too...
    I did call RTA in NSW to ask and that is what they told me... His exact words are If the bike has lights and can stop and has no rust we dont care its roadworthy. Then before he goes he say the VIC are the toughest state regarding roadworthyness. So i cant make a dealership pay for something the NSW RTA passes but VIC dont.
  16. :shock: wow, learn something new everyday.