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Post Number 3333

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. No real content, just felt like it was a special number coming up.

    Currently listening to new Autechre.
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  2. so what will 3333 hold, anything worthwhile? :)

    stop it, you'll give hornet a hard on
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  3. So, you missed the whole schemozzle with nods, nod count and post count in the pub?:)
  4. I expected bewbs. :arghh:
  5. A post that's my three hundred and thirty third
    Should it be silly, sublime, or absurd?
    Or some low level doggerel, full of bad rhymes
    Devoted to toasting our posting good times?

    I guess it's the latter, for good or for ill
    So for three or four verses, I guess I can spill
    Some words about riding, and posting, and bewbs
    And which glove to wear first, and posting for newbs

    There'll be no further nodding, in the forum at least
    Though I'll still nod for sporties and scooters and beasts
    On the road they don't care much, and rarely nod back
    Doesn't bother me too much, though I think it's quite slack

    Instead, here at nuderider (isn't that right?)
    There'll be up votes and down - not just black text and white
    Every poster of posts, becomes also a ranker
    Decides whether each other's... a great half-back flanker

    But hey, what the hell, it's all in good fun
    And in just half an hour, again there'll be sun
    When this storm has moved past (well yeah, I'm a girl)
    I'll be out on the Bandit, and up for a burl
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  6. still 3332 :)
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  7. Yeah, I think I've been nobbled
  8. (woohoo, ninja posting!)
  9. Lol posts ain't counted in the pub section
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  10. AAAHHhhhhhh... all makes sense.

    {wanders off to make awesome, meaningful, consequential post elsewhere}
  11. boooooooooo 3335, pointless thread now :D
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