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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. hey,

    i am hopefully posting in the right forum!

    this may seem like a stupid question, but what did you guys do after you got your learners? did you buy a bike straight away, or attend more supervised practice?

    i went to the pre-learner training (i'm in NSW) yesterday, and i am officially obsessed with bikes now. they are beyond awesome, and even though i had never touched a manual transmission until yesterday all i can think about is mastering effortless gear changes.

    anyway, one of the guys asked how he could possibly be ready to go out on the road given that he was still stalling and tipping the bike when it was stationary, and no one else really seemed to know what they would be doing after the course either.

    just wondered if you had any feedback!
  2. 2 months after getting my learners I bought a bike and first practiced with it in my neighbourhood for about a week before eventually riding in proper traffic to work.
  3. roger that. pretty much my plan too. i think i'm going to have to find somewhere isolated to do just this. my neighbourhood is out of control with traffic.
  4. i had my bike about 4 months prior to doing the course (SO painful!)... So did the course from never riding before, then went to the RTA that arvo on completing course... That was a thursday. On the Friday I worked, got home at 4pm... went riding :D been on ever since (basically)

    i rode for about 2 hours around roads i knew and side streets i'd never been down off the roads i knew...

    the next day i rode for about 3 hours with a mate on roads i sorta knew but hadn't been down in years (Wisemans Ferry) and yeah... long ride.

    THEN.. i just rode where ever :)
  5. It's also good if after getting your bike you can get a friend who rides to take you to somewhere quiet and practice with them.
  6. theres a sticky thread over in new riders forum, heres a link. This helped me immensely when getting confidence on the road in a staged approach. Work through the steps at your own pace and youll be fine. Its a good question youve asked though as it does seem like a daunting task going from preLs to riding solo in traffic.
  7. Sequential gearboxes rock :p.
    As for me with my bike, i bought it on the 11th of december (a friday), did my pre learners on saturday and sunday, and went to the RTA and got the Ls on the monday.
  8. well done mate! Same here I did the pre-learners test and had never touched a manual transmission. After the course I went to the RTA and got my L's straight away. I got myself a bike asap which was the next day. It was the same bike I had used at the pre-learners. I spent every day of the next 2 weeks practicing takeoffs and riding around my local streets :D

  9. your not wrong there, redfern does get fairly busy, you could always join us at our free learner sessions at Homebush every saturday 1pm, people come in their cars to check out what goes on and ask questions

  10. I know exactly how you feel...after my pre-learners I don't even feel confident enough to drive my new purchase out of the sellers driveway.
    There are post-learner courses, and P preparation courses that you can do:
    Although these would probably be much easier and worthwhile being able to relate to driving on the road...but since they're less than $200each might be worthwhile.

    I second the suggestion for the Homebush pre-learners...the guys there are very knowledgeable and you get to ask stupid questions. ;)
  11. amazing that there are guys on this forum who are willing to give up a large chunk of their saturdays to help out noob learners.. for free.. when these type of things will cost you over $100 if you did it at a motorbike tuition place.
  12. Yep! Us newbs are very lucky. :)
  13. oh wow. i will definitely make my way along to those homebush sessions, and it is incredible that such a thing exists! hopefully it doesn't take me too long to get together the money for a bike. got my green slip today, will get my Ls as soon as possible. i am dying to get back on and practice some more.

    as for place in sydney.. i've just moved from QLD quite recently, so i'm not sure of what is where and what i can expect. any other tips for quiet backstreets or industrial areas?

    as an aside, this forum is fantastic. it was one of the things that spurred me on from being interested to being enrolled for a pre-learner course. the fact that i was tossing it up and browsing the internerd, and came across a forum of so many people who were so excited about bikes was the clincher. cheers for that :D
  14. I got a loan the next day. Had the bike delivered the following day. Then my wife laughed at me for 2 weeks as it sat out in the street collecting dirt because the idea of leaving the street scared the living hell out of me.

    Then one day i did it, left the street, did a few laps of the local area (slow traffic) then spent 24 hrs kicking myself for being such a twat.

    Six months later, not a day go by that i'm not on it.
  16. Whaccha buy? Giz ride.

    I promise I'll deliver it for ya's
  17. Be quiet homo! ;)
  18. Homos can still pinch bikes.

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