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Post Learner Course - Review (HART)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Treadly, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Did the Post Learner course from HART on Saturday in St Ives (NSW) and just thought I'd post a short review for anyone else who's considering it.

    Instructor was great, asked everyone about their experience and tailored the course to what the group needed.

    We started off by going around the little circuit they have there. Check it out on google maps to get an idea of the layout. They have quite a few tricky corners, off camber, tight hairpins, etc, that really test your skills.

    The instructor follows you from the front and back and then gives you feedback on where you need to improve, and what you can do to get around the corners faster and safer. For me, I needed to hold my line a bit longer on some of the corners so I didn't finish too tight and slow.

    Then we moved onto doing the M.O.S.T test practice. This was very beneficial to have an instructor standing at the U-turn box, the cones, etc, and give you instant feedback. I know a few little tricks now that'll get me through the P's test.

    Then we did a road ride for some of the less experienced riders amongst the group. I thought this was going to be quite boring seeing as I'd just riden for about an hour to get there but I found this was the perfect time to put the new cornering and slow-riding techniques into practice in a real-time scenario.

    Once we got back to the training centre we sat down and took the time to ask a few specific questions of the instructor and discuss the course.

    I have to say the ride home was probably the most enjoyable ride I've had in my short riding career.

    I feel confident now and have booked into my P's test. Once I do that I'm definitely going back to do the advanced courses they have.

    Happy to provide any more info if others out there have questions.
  2. Thanks for the review. Might consider it myself in the near future.

    How much was the course?
  3. It did'nt take alot, to make a big improvement for you, I'll bet. Well done for doing the course, and glad it's made the ride more enjoyable for you. :)

    Everyone should do these courses - it should be compulsory, IMHO.
  4. did they put you on that computer riding simulator thing?...they have them at HART in Kilsyth.
    i hate that ****ing thing... this big ****ing bus always cleans me up about 30 seconds in... and like wtf, i did'nt do anything wrong haha.
  5. The course has changed now into 2 separate courses. The first is cornering/braking/pre learners revision and no longer contains a road ride (about 3 hours). It also contains a very brief intro to the MOST.

    The second is MOST practice where the instructors apparently go through the MOST and give you hints and tips on how to attack the test.

    I did the old course as well as the new course (not the MOST one). I found it to be quite good for general skill practice. I also have done a one hour private lesson at St Ives, which I recommend as being very worthwhile. You can get tuition on almost anything you want.

    My two cents worth.

  6. did someone say boobs ? :)
  7. Has the Victorian course changed too? Im booked in to do it next week...
  8. I'm booked into a cornering/braking and eye use course for the 10th.. Anyone else?
  9. is this the $130 on the pamphlet they give you after pre learners?

    thinking of doing it after some 'riding around quiet streets' experience
  10. Yep it's $130 if you do it on your own bike. I'm around Mona Vale if you want to go ride somewhere?