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Post LAMS naked options.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HotelWhisky, May 17, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone.

    So I'm recently on my full license and have thoroughly enjoyed the 23,000 km I have put on my CBR500R. I commute to work and uni most days, and have done a bit of touring (Canberra to Melbourne, 800+km day trips etc). I'm looking at my option for upgrading to a more powerful bike, for the extra acceleration, and to be honest, I'd love to be able to wheelie...

    I may well end up keeping my 500, I really am quite attached to her, but I at least want to see what's out there.

    Today I'm test riding a Triumph Street Triple R 2016, MT09 2016, Ducati Streetfighter 1078 2010, and an Aprilia Tuono V4 2012 from local dealers. Some might be sensing a theme. I want a naked for the upright position and comfort to be able to do those big days, whilst still being sporty enough to smash through the twisties like a hooligan. I'm happy to look at second hand for the Triumph, but there isn't a 2nd hand one in the ACT that I can see.

    I just wanted to see if anyone has any opinions based on their experience with these bikes, either to watch out for or to enjoy, or any suggestions for options I might be forgetting. Thanks in advance!
  2. Also projected budget is below $15k. Lower the better. Ideally lower than 15,000km, but willing to compromise for the right bike haha.
  3. Kawasaki z1000
    Suzuki gsxs1000 (not the sports bike)
    Speed triple
    BMW s1000r (not sure if they are $15k yet)
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  4. Remember, just because you have the license to ride it doesn't mean you have the ability or experience. Not every bike is as forgiving as a LAMS model. Take your time both in choosing your next ride and in getting a feel for it when you do hand over your hard-earned.
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  5. Easy. MT09 is what you're after.
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  6. Howdy

    I like my nakeds too! (there's a pun in there!)

    I found the Duc Streetfighter 1080 very extreme for a naked. The SF 848 was much more refined and 'user friendly' - second hand around the 12-14k mark for a mint condition one.
    I do like the street tripple.
    What about a MV Agusta Brutale 800 ? 2013's for around the 11-12k mark
    What about a KTM Superduke? I've seen some for around the 16k mark. You HAVE to test ride one.
  7. Yeah I'd agree with this too. If I had the coin I'd definitely look at it as they're pure 100% unadulterated nuts.
  8. My suggestion is to go to many, many, many bike shops. Test ride as many different bikes as you can (that fit your budget). Then you should buy the one you like the most.

    Realistically none of the major manufacturers make a bad bike any more, they just make bikes you might not like.
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  9. Absolutely, healthy appreciation that my 500 is in a different league to these bikes. Came home all safe, no damage and all good. Thanks for the advice though!

    I love the look of the MV's, and I know a few people who have/have ridden them and hear exclusively good things. I don't think they fit my long distance luggage needs though, and by all reports the newest models are the standouts but they are also outside my price range.

    Unfortunately the Triumph dealership up here haven't got a Street Triple Demo anymore, and aren't likely to anytime soon.

    I rode the MT09, Monsters 1100 Evo and a 2015 821, and a 2012 Tuono V4 APRC. The MT09 was every bit the hooligan I expected it to be, Ride Mode A was uncomfortably touchy, and Traction Control was great at keeping the front wheel near the ground, seems like great value, but a little rough around the edges. The 1100 was a 2012 air cooled, and seemed to suffer from significantly worse vibrations compared to the 821, through the pegs and the bars. The 821 was the nicest so far. Big lazy wheelies with plenty of room in the front shocks so it wasn't a hard landing. Powerful torque all through the range and comfortable around corners and upright on the highway, although it took me a while to get used to the slightly more cramped foot position compared to the 1100 and the MT09.

    Then I rode the Tuono. What? How? Is this what motorcycling is? I didn't even realise this was possible. Brilliant. Spades of power and torque up down and sideways. Enormous long gears and a comfortable seating position, beautiful note out of the Akra pipe, and plenty of room to stack gear onto the back if I want to abscond off into the mountains. Traction control kept the wheel down without jumping in and effecting the throttle responsiveness, and the V4 engine was heaps smoother than the L-Twin of the Duke.

    No further words.

    I want it.
  10. Oh dear.......expensive new obsession just started there.......
  11. I know. I would really like to know what the difference between servicing say a Z1000 and the Tuono would be. I just don't know enough to effectively gauge what this will cost me. Insurance quotes are turning out to be a drainer. First quote is $1,900 per year. :confused:

    In other news....[​IMG]
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  12. Your a goner. Started looking at insurance quotes on it already......

    WIth a premium like that, I assume you are young and 'high risk'. Can't help you there. I'm old and frail and get a way with a lot less on my Brutale
  13. Yeah by all means the Tuono is a cracking machine, all ways has been and always will be.
    I was in a very similar position to you when I came off restrictions and had the same requirements and ended up getting a Z1000. Awesome machine thats a ton of fun, however its limitations became apparent when I started touring. Smallish tank with limited mileage, especially when flogging it (its gonna happen) and limited luggage options. So I had some spare cash and got a VFR800 for touring and that worked great but I wanted the VFR to have the grunt of the Zed..........which brings me to the Ninja1000.

    Its a serious touring machine with integrated panniers and a plethora of other luggage options, comfortable upright riding position with wind protection, 280 - 300+ km per tank and has grunt galore. In fact with the few mods I'm planning it will have almost as much power as a S1000R with a higher and better torque spread. It would be a serious option if you want to mix in serious touring with the wheel popping madness of a Z1000.
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  14. Great advice icemakericemaker , tank size and hence milage is a concern for the Tuono, it's twice as thirsty as my 500, but then it does have twice the engine.

    Cheers George haha. Wanted to see what I was getting myself into. It's a consideration for whether I can afford to be 'getting in bed' with an Italian.

    Yep. 23 and riding for 18 months. I've done 24,000km, but the insurers don't seem to care about that. I got QBE down to $1000, but then dad tells me he's getting quoted $750 for his brand new Turismo Veloce. Can't they cut a young fella some slack?
  15. Update: deposit paid and sorting everything out today. TBC but pickup should be tomorrow morning!

    Will put up a showcase once I have the beast in my custody.
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