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{Post in correct forum. Moved From General] Scooters.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Fatsie, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. What is the fastest scooter legally for a NSW Leaner ?


  2. Oh no........abort mission......abort mission
  3. Suzuki Burgman 650cc (I'm pretty sure it's LAMS).

    But if you want speed, don't by a scooter, by a motorcycle.
  4. well i'm also a "NSW Leaner" and can agree with mick - buy a motorbike.
  5. Dude get a bike.

    Chicks dig bikes.
  6. Hmmmm... You're a chick.

    Girl, get a bike.

    Dudes dig bikes.
  7. in case you've not got the message yet.
    Get a proper bike, I hear BMW Scarvers are quite good.
  8. Burgman 650 with CVT in power mode will eat any other LAMS bike off the line for (guessing) 95% of riders. I'm kinda regretting not getting one, only problem is that you sit with your feet in front of you.
  9. So it's a chair and not a bike?
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  10. Why do you want a Scooter ??? Over a bike What's your thought process ?
  11. Yes, that is the problem (but not unique to the burgman).
  12. In a recent interview for IMR Mick Doohan mention education he rode both an Aprillia Scooter (I didn't know there was one) and a Hardley.
    I admit I'm envious of the storage with many scooters.
  13. The new BMW scooters are getting excellent reviews. But they are expensive...
  14. If I remember rightly from a test ride, there was enough room on the footboards to get my feet nearly under my bum. (I have a stuffed back, so sitting with feet out in front isn't a good option for me.)

    The Burgman is, indeed, a nice bit of kit, but, it is roughly twice the weight and cost of a sensible motorcycle like a VTR250.

    Anyway, I thought that you had to be a geriatric Ulysses Club member before you rode a Bergman.
  15. They have a button which retracts the mirrors for filtering.
  16. Can it crack 300km/h?
    I see a market screaming for a solution.
    Scootabusa anyone?
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  17. Until the Bergman comes with a bar fridge and a decent coffee machine, I'll stick with the BMW.
  18. That sounds like a business plan. Modifying scooters to have a built-in espresso machine.
    If anyone on here makes this, I'll buy one.