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Post-coffee night collision(s)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Fee and I (Matt) enjoyed meeting everybody at the (Melb) coffee night tonight. Afterwards we went for a spin, and it was a tragi-comedy of errors.

    Fee's just got her L's, and is riding my old postie. I'd given her a quick "lecture" (?!) about her habit of pulling up alongside me, very close (inches), at speed while yanking on the brakes. I don't like that! Anyway, we were coming out of a round about, Fee throttled, so did I, when she seems to have seen some people on the side of the road wanting to cross. To my perspective she was basically past them and there was no proximity or danger whatsoever, but she grabbed the brakes. My fault really - I should have been further back practicing the advice I'd just given her. I locked the back wheel up, skidded while pulling away from her rear end, and narrowly avoided it, only to run over her foot!! :( She was unhurt (and now had a comeback to my apparent "lecture" :LOL: )

    Later we were travelling home on Fitzroy st and pulled over for something. I was in front as we were moving off again. I head-checked, it was clear, and I began to move off, when a car that must have done a quick u-turn or was speeding (?) appeared from no-where. I came to a quick stop to let him pass, but Fee was doing a long head check as she pulled out. I looked back - she was moving off, and at me, at a pace. She looked up and cried "Oh no I can;t stop!!" This time she rear-ended me! Damage - me: a bent license plate and its holder, cracked plastic around the brake light. Her: a bent/dented head-light bracket (not sure in the dark). And she doesn't have 3rd party! Luckily for her, she's buying the SR when I soon move on.

    Sounds like we should steer clear of each other on the road! :( :LOL:

    This was *not* one of the great partnerships of the road!
  2. :applause: she may just use the excuse that she wants to be closer to you... :roll:
  3. Bummer about the 'comedy of errors' to you both. Luckily there were no high powered bikes involved, you 2 would be dangerous :LOL:
    Something Fee has hopefully learnt tho and thats to actually wear her 20c jacket from tassie when riding the bike for protection ;) :LOL:
    Hopefully in the light of day the bikes are fine and it won't take to much to fix them.
    It was great meeting you guys tonight and we will see you at a coffee night soon :)
  4. :LOL: karmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. What can i say :shock: Please dont ride near me :grin:
  6. Funny story. What's not really funny is that your emergency braking technique sucks. :p
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