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Post a pic of your cage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nug-Nugget, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. I don't know if this has been done before. I thought it'd be interested to see what everybody here drove in between riding.



    This was my old '00 WRX. 200KW at the wheels, but I had to get rid of it because of insurance, petrol, cops and I was spending a s**tload of money trying to get more power out of it.

    Now I drive this:


    '08 Ford Fiesta XR4. Ever since the downgrade there's been something missing in my life which I hope to fill with a Street Triple R (when I get my full license in 2012 :( )

    What do you guys drive?
  2. Its not much, but it gets me about....

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  3. [​IMG]


    green machine :D
  4. just a shitty run-of-the-mill vr commonwhore for me. once upon a time i loved it, i actually took care of it. but now it's showing its age and i can't afford to fix it up
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  5. I have an Aus-delivered 1990 Toyota MR2 SW20. Relatively cheap to insure and cheap to run (Corolla parts and rarely uses more than 10L/100km) and yet I have had sportsbikes holding me up on windy sections of road on more than a few occasions so it's far from boring to drive :).

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  6. Go the XR's
  7. Nice, I've got a '92 myself. I've found that it is closer to a Camry than a Corolla. Also have another car that I use when I think it might get damaged, I've had people mess with both my bike and my MR2.

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  8. This was my first car...1989 EA Fairmont Ghia with a 3 speed hydraulic transmission. Blew the transmission and everything was just falling apart on this thing. Was a joy to drive when it was running though :D. Wheels have found new use on a trailer :p


    And now I drive a 1996 EL Fairmont bought at Fowles Auctions for a cheap $3500 price tag 4 years ago. Fuel economy is pretty good (averaging 11L/100km) and tows track bike well :D. Spent a bit of penny getting to where it is.

  9. This WAS my cage for a while, bought in early 2008. Boosted the power a little on the 2.6L 4banger with a full unrestricted exhaust system and twin 40DCOE Weber carbies. Had a mean sound coming out both ends after that.
    Sadly though, blew up the engine by spinning a big end bearing (320+ kkms)

    TLDR story:
    In an attempt to repair I replaced the engine, didnt fit the gearbox, replaced the gearbox with one that fits then shredded the clutch, welded it to the flywheel and sheered the input shaft of that gearbox by just driving around casually a week later.
    Another new gearbox and clutch and then 2 weeks later blew up THAT engine by burning all the oil and dumping it out the exhaust... another big end bearing spun.


    After that I relied on my 250 to get me around, with yet more mechanical and electrical issues until it too spat out its oil on the highway and siezed (I really hate oil now...)
    New daily ride is the 2000 VFR800fi which has absolutely nothing wrong with it, and I plan to keep it that way.
  10. For common components Toyota really only makes 2 different types, it's no different to having an older model Japanese bike (which is why I do). I refuse to pay a small fortune for something like an oil filter just because they decided to make it a couple of mm bigger/smaller than an identical looking filter on a different model.

    Oh and I know what you mean about worrying a car/bike might get damaged, that's the reason why I recently bought a GPX 250 that I'm not so worried about getting damaged.
  11. Man - I wish I was your neighbour. That just sets off the street so nicely. A little touch of class to brighten the suburb. Perfect! :bolt:
  12. Maaaaaaaate she looks soooo slammed. Luv the ram air affect on the nose. I took my mirrors off to. Heaps faster now.
    Biatchen ride dude.
  13. This is my other toy... a civic type r

  14. this was mine

  15. Nice. Looks like it'd be a fun car to drive.

    DragonCypher, I can't figure out what kind of car that is.

    Good to see a few Fords in here :D
  16. Its a two door Sigma. (pre Magna) What did they call them. A scorpion or somthing like that. Tuned up they flew. For a few K's then blew up. Attrocious fuel ecconomy. Not bad in their day, but too heavy for anything serious.
  17. I have a car that can carry enormous loads, mount gutters, climb dirt tracks, drops wheelies at random and costs me nothing to run... yep a company Camry, our other car is a Toyota Glandbruiser 4WD yep I'm one of them!!