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Possum Traps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stewy, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Ok guys,

    As you all know i have recently just moved into my house, well first major issue (well actually it's probably no more then about a 15-20kg issue) of a possum in my roof.

    Just called the council to see if they still hire/loan them out, no go.... just called a couple of pest people and they want 330+ to get rid of it..... now maybe it's just me but who pays that :shock: i am still plotting my revenge against the possum/s but actually wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how do you get rid of them without parting with 330+ of my money :mad:

    Does anyone have a possum trap, i maybe able to borrow for a night or 2, or maybe even a shot gun :grin: that will fix they little bastard, he won't run too far then :LOL:

    Or any other ideas how to rid myself of this big (little) issue :?

    cheers stewy
  2. If your handy with electrical stuff you could get a bit of wood about a metre long, put two nails in the end, attach the negative and positive wires from a light or powerpoint and attach one to each nail. When the possom gets relatively close give it a prod :grin: Problem solved.
  3. haha... Possum Stewy!! :LOL:
  4. Stewy, speak to Deb, she had the same problem. Click here

    :grin: :grin:
  5. Mate of mine had possums. Bought a possum trap. Was only $50 or so.

    He's now caught 8 of them.

    He catches them, drives them 30 odd k's to the national park and lets them go. Then another moves in.
  6. my grandma has one that i'm meant to go around and pick up, i should get it in the next day or two.

    if you're happy to wait a week or so until we've given it a go you can come around and borrow it as long as you are happy to return it, from your profile it looks like we live fairly close to each other.
  7. might take you up on this offer, will see if i can get my hands on another one sooner, or it's little neck (either way i will be :grin: ) if i still haven't gotten rid of it, i will pm.

    cheers stewy
  8. no worries mate, good luck in the hunt
  9. If you wanted a bit more of a permanent solution you can crawl into the roof space and find all the holes in your roof and patch them up.

    After you have patched them up, one evening lift a roof tile off to let the possums out. 2/3am that morning set your alarm to wake you up and close off the roof and if you have sealed the roof properly they won’t be back.

  10. I dont have problem with possums IN my roof, but I defiantely have a problem with one big M*@#*&F*&@# who wakes me up every night, as he races across my carport roof which is right next to my bedroom.

    I swear it sounds like a human being jumping onto my roof and running across it. I hear the other possums from time to time, but there is just this one !!!! Grrrrrrrr :evil: If I ever get hold of it :twisted:
  11. Put tin around the trees or posts they are climbing up on. Put the tin about 1 to 2 metres up off the ground so they cant jump over them. The tin needs to be about 30 to 50 cm wide. They try to climb over but cant get a grip.

    If they are walking over a power cable a rat ring stops they. Like you see on ship mooring ropes.
  12. If you saw the number of trees on my property and next door neighbours which touch onto mine. You will realise, this just would not work for me.

    I just want to get rid of one possum in particular. I actually like the brush tail ones. They are so cute and gentle. It is the normal possums that grow to the size of elephants ! :shock:
  13. ya damn psycho! :p
    you realise your coming back as a possum in your next life :grin:
  14. My parents had a problem with a possum snoring out side there bedroom window.

    Yep SNORE, mum thought it was a cement truck mixing up.

    They tied a teddy bear to the tree, now he thinks it's taken by another possum, he moved on.
  15. my neighbour is a seafaring boy from down Gippsland

    got a lobster pot...stuck some apple and honey mix in it
    and stuck it in his roof space
    got 2 possums the first two nights he stuck it up there!

    and being a boy from the bush...
    the possums got the same treatment they get in Gippie
    a blunt axe to the back of the head :shock:
    bye bye possum problem

    it was only afterwards I told him what he did was illegal :p
  16. Illegal IF you get caught. The shoot the crap out of them in NZ. Should do the same here. Bloody Possums running and fighting and shagging and pissing. Dirty little hats.

    Hmmm...hats, what else could they...YES!

    Possum seat cover! :beer: Problem solved.
  17. LOL - My new place has 2 big trees with a tribe of possums. I HATE POSSUMS! They are annoying make alot of noises and tear up the garden.
    So along the fence i have my possum sticks just in case.

    Question: can you get in trouble for killing possum/s?

    The dog does a pretty good job of keeping possums away but ARRRRRR I hate possums
  18. I got that pissed off with them and started researching on the net "do you require a licence for an air rifle" - unfortunately you do.

    Oh and our next door nieghbour (an elderly woman) keeps on feeding pigeons. So I have possums making a racket at night and pigeons shitting everywhere during the day.
  19. Possums are protected here in QLD. Probably the same everywhere else too. We had them bad in a hotel we managed. My little girl was 3 and woke up screaming one night. Possums had pissed and it had ran through a crack in the ceiling onto her bed! :evil: With their screeching and jumping around they scared the crap out of her.

    The possums (godfather accent) "sleep with the fish".

    Pest control company up here charges $150 / possum for removal. But you have to seal the roof otherwise another just moves in. We trapped about 14 of them in all.

    *No possums were harmed in the making of this post! :p
  20. Yes - all Wildlife Native to Australia is a protected species. Laws differ from State to State - you can obtain culling licenses - but in Vic its a no-no to hurting wildlife, even if you do so by accident (ie: hit it via vehicle) you must take it to an appropiate authority (zoo, vet, etc) to be treated.