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Possum stew anyone???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!
    Finally caught the little *big* bastard \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ :applause: :applause: :applause:

  2. The law states that the possum must be released un harmed in the immediate viscinity that it was caught, now you wouldn't hurt the poor little critter would you?
  3. Me?? Never!!! But only cause he looks so cute sitting in a cage on my roo f;). The little blighter has caused havoc in my house for 3 years, coming down the flue above the oven and knocking my chip fryer to the floor, its amazing how much oil goes into those things. Scaring the crapola out of me in the middle of the night. I couldnt even go out the backyard if he was in the trees cause he would make that growling sound that possums make and I would run for cover like some crazed animal was after me :shock:
    Anyway, he is going off to a nice place that all 'friendly' possums go to ;) :LOL: :D
  4. Oh and the law states that it must be released within 50 metres from where you caught him :D
  5. LOL! Bloody possums :twisted: Off to the big tree in the sky one hopes :twisted:
  6. You haven't gone and turned it into...
    A CAGER!!!!!
  7. Yeps :D:D:D The ultimate punishment for 3 years of grief!!! But it's only temporary ;)
    He'll be gone by this afternoon.... I hope :shock:
  8. How do you plan to erh..Uhm...to carry out the departure?
  9. I'm not. I have a wonderful friend who brought round the possum trap last night and set it up for me and he will be back again today to pick him up and dispose of him in the rightful manner :D
  10. Have you taken any pics of it ?
    I'll be around soon to have a poke at it :twisted:
  11. Sounds a wee bit desperate don't you think
  12. Ohh Paula .. you go grrrlllllll :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Wow Deb!!

    Put up pics when you can.

  14. Its not your fault you you release him within the 50m zone and in its effort to make a break for it he runs into the spinning blades of a unfortunately unturned lawn mower. :twisted:
  15. Damn possum, looking at the pics i now realise this critter is getting the last word in by shitting all over my roof!!!!
  16. A possum? Ha, that's nothing! The other day I finally caught the huntsman that'd been living in my toolbox in the shed for about a month. :shock:
  17. Hello possums
  18. Big bugger isn't he?? Or is that a female? Should I say big mother isn't she? :LOL: