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Possibly a stupid question...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doodlebug, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. .. Im just curious really! Are the motorcycle licensing laws changing in Aus as in the UK? Just glad I did my license 3 years ago!

  2. Perhaps you could post a link or further description for a bit of context :?:
  3. Not sure what changes are being implemented in the UK. Only recent changes here are the new 'green' P-Plate laws and the introduction of LAMS in Victoria. ( Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme )
  4. More info please
    Which laws are changing in the UK?
  5. ah, sorry I didnt explain very well. The test is changing big style! Theirs going to be no more DAS (I dont know if you have that?) there will be ridiculous restrictions on your license for god knows how many years, the test is changing to
  6. Only in NAZI QLD is the Totalaterian licencing laws coming in to deter all the would be temporary Australians.

    But as you said lucky you already got yours.
  7. I'm completely lost
    Can you provide us with a link?
  8. No, the laws here have no direct relationship to those in the UK. At present, learner are probably a little less restrictive than UK, and any reforms in the pipeline won't be following those particular proposals.
    Doesn't mean they won't look at them in the future, though.

    (For others information, the UK test is going to become a lot harder, with longer, graded periods before a riders can get a a full license. This is apparently an EU-based initiative).
  9. Yup... +1 to that!
  10. I don't like the French bit: pushing your bike, engine off, backward through a slalom :shock:
    Ah, bummer eh? Should've never joined the Common Market.

    PS. You don't dislike your present country as much as your username suggests surely?
  11. What, the state that doesn't even require a license for a 50cc moped and never has vehicle inspections for rego???
  12. How does my username say anything abit Britain? Or am I being ignorant ? :p
  13. In Queensland, Winners of the State of Origin for three years in a row, the bike licensing laws have changed back to what they used to be - you have to have an RE license for 12 months (restricted to 250 or under) before you can get a R (unrestricted) bike license.

    Young drivers must have a car license for 12 months before they can get a bike learners - once you're over 24 years of age there are different conditions.
  14. ohhhhh! now I get what your driving at! and no, most certaintly no meaning of buzz bombs with my name lol its just a nickname I somehow acquired as a sprog and never lost!
  15. Well your parents might not have heard of 'em but your grandparents would've :LOL: