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Possibly a Stupid Question...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Owen, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. There is all these learners saying they pefer a naked bike because if you stack etc you wont stuff the fairing.

    Im just wondering, how hard is it to take the fairing off and leave it off until you are confindent enough? Who cares what it looks like!

    Thanks people, sorry if this is obvious and stupid :oops:

  2. Very easy. It's no harder than lego really. However, it will not lower your insurance premium. The insurance companies do't really care what you do but if you buy a bike with fairings you have to insure them. :)
  3. It is obvious, and not stupid. Naked bikes are not faired bikes with the fairings removed. Faired bikes have radically different seating and riding positions than naked bikes. They have the headlight carried IN the fairing. for many the cooling systems and ducting to the radiators are dependent on the fairing. Indicators and side lights are dependent on the fairing.
    Plus, the gearing and tuning of the engine is very different between the two types of bikes. It's really either or, in my opinion.
  4. Never a stupid question!!

    Taking fairings off can also depend a lot on what's underneath...indicator stalks can be a pain in the arse to relocate if they are attached to your fairings and the wiring doesn't allow for my creativity with positioning :wink:

    :D :D :D
  5. Legend has it that the original Italian streetfighter bikes were effectively sportsbikes without fairings, due to regular crashes. The tough look apparently became trendy. Fairings are excellent at stabilising the bike at high speeds and dealing with wind resistance. Given we have been reduced to a bunch of speedo watchers these days, fairings are generally extremely useless apart from the weather protection they provide. Given you're going to get wet anyway, you can probably live without them.

    As for riding around without them, some bikes put bits and peices just behind them which can stick out like a sore thumb (eg coolant tanks etc), but if not, I'd say go naked if you want.
  6. We did that to a kawak something the other day. Took off the fairings to let the learner ride it.

    And yep, they dropped it.
  7. There is no such thing as a stupid question.. it just depends on what answer you are hoping for..
  8. thanks guys. So how do you find out the defferences between naked and faired bikes? is it reallly just a matter of trying one and then another?

    I mean there seems to be a distinct separation between those that like their faired bikes and those that like their naked bikes?

    I was gonna go for a GPX because they are cheap, not because they are faired, i like the veal and bandit as well (naked) but they are just more expensive.

    Its all so confusing! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. There are no stupid questions in here, but some of the answers are...though not the ones above; good advice all of it.

    It's not confusing really, just go tryout as many bikes as you can within your budget and see which ones you like best.

    GPX is a great learner's bike, there's plenty of ppls in here with them and they love 'em.
  10. just thought i'd point out that not all fared bikes have a racey position and not all naked bikes are really cruizy.

    faring does not necissarily mean its faster or more expensive or less comfortable. the ZZR and GPX 250s are PRIME examples of this, they are cheap, comfy and less racey that all of the naked sports 250s. great choice for a bike if you're just beginning, easy to learn on and will keep you happy for a little while.

    ALSO! having a naked bike doesn't mean repairs will be cheaper! a scratch or dent on your frame or tank is going to be harder to patch up than the same thing on the faring. plus farings are generally readily availiable due to them boing a fairly commonly stacked item. even race glass is an option if it comes down to the crunch.

    what it really comes down to is preferance. I LOVE my naked bikes, they look better (IMO) and give you all the wind thats coming to you. farings are nice to hide behind when the wind is really cold i'll admit, but its not that bad and wind feels REAL good on a hot day 8)

    but anyway, in answer to your question, YES you can take the farings off. and you can get away with just taking it off and leaving the lights and instruments mounted the same way, they just wont look to good. you may need to get new indicators if they were faring mounted but that'll set you back maybe $40. and as far as i know, theres no water bottles etc or radiator dependancies on any of the 250s out there :wink:
  11. Is "boing" the noise they make when they hit the ground????

    Sorry, mate I couldn't pass that one up!!!
  12. I dont know how you guys can go and try out so many different bikes? There are hardly any decent, cheap bikes in SA, at least no advertised in the trading post!

    And there is no way i am getting a bike from a dealer, such a rippoff!

    There must be literally hundreds of 250cc bikes right? Where are they all? And why is it really only the GPX, FZR, ZZR, Across, Spada and CBR's that everyone has?

    It is a bit annoying that there is such a limited choice and people know what so knock up there prices! Doesnt anyone go on REDBOOK prices in the motorcycle world :?:

  13. I think you mean Zeal, but since you're offering, I'll have mine rare with mushroom sauce!!!!
  14. You also nned to think about what happens if you stack with the fairing off, fairing not only protect the rider from wind bu they also offer a little bit of protection from copmonents underneath, at least on the CBRs the regulator sits just underneath the fairing, if you went for a little slide on that and other crucial components rather than the fairingss it could get just as expensive.
  15. Sympathise there, Owen. No doubt being in a smaller marketplace is affecting both supply and price. Your alternative is to look interstate, especially, *shudder* Melbourne and buy there. Poses some problems with transportation and registration, etc, I know, but because there is a big supply, prices are cheaper and the range from which to choose is also huge.

    Difficult to achieve, but maybe worth considering.
  16. Also if you manage to buy a bike cheaper interstate then when it comes time to sell it you may make a tidy profit - assuming SA prices are still high.
  17. Me and my mate both bought 91' GPX 250's and pretty decent condition for $2k ea. We're in Adelaide mate. I know of a 84' yammy SRX250 for $1500
  18. Hi Owen

    I'm a fellow 250cc rider in SA and actually have a Yamaha SR250 Classic cruiser up for sale for $3,500 if you wanna come look at it.

  19. Oh yeah its a 2002 yamaha SR250 by the way