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Possible to damage throttle by closing too hard? (Grip removal)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hi People,

    I was installing some oxford heated grips the other day and the throttle side grip got stuck pretty tight while I was dry fitting. To remove it, I twisted it pretty hard towards closed throttle to rotate it off. It occurred to me afterwards that there isn't really a throttle stop as far as I know so this pressure was being passed through the throttle close cable and into the throttle body (I think). I'm wondering if there's any risk I could have damaged the close throttle cable or the connection at the throttle body by doing this, or if stretching only the close throttle cable by itself could cause any issues. I haven't noticed any problems but the possibility is bothering me a little. Thoughts?


  2. There is the possibility of snapping the plastic cable holder inside the throttle switchblock. Ask me how I know..
  3. I learned a long time ago to get a new throttle tube and slide the grip onto the tube off the bike. Then I just swap the old grip/throttle tube for the new one.

    I think the answer to your question is: possibly
  4. I doubt turning too far closed will hurt the throttle body, it just slackens the cable. Is the throttle tube not smooth? Cut it down if so and use superglue.
  5. I did exactly the same thing last weekend when installing the same grips on my gixxer.
    If any damage was done to the throttle body it would have been done by pulling it open too far and not by forcing the return.
    Think of it like this. Any forced exerted back would have just flexed the cable and / or damaged the plastic slide inside the switch-block.
    I had to adjust the tension on the throttle cable ever so slightly afterwards and figured if any damage was done, it would have been immediately evident.

  6. Hair spray the tube and install while wet. That will save the headache and will also keep the new grip on the tube once dried.

    As others have said its not likely you will damage the carb or TB but more stretch the cable or break the plastic part of the tube.
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  7. 'tis the only time I ever use hairspray.
  8. Sure, sure..... :)

    But yeah, not way you're damaging the throttle body.
    You might bugger up the throttle return, or stretch the cable, or foul the something in the actuation.
    However, you say you've not noticed anything different....

    Installing off bike is a great way to go.
    As is spray soap.....or.......hairspray....

    Just don't smoke at the same time.
  9. Next time just turn the grips on and heat them up first. They will slip on easily because the rubber expands.

    You could use hair spray, but for heated grips on the throttle side you definitely need to use grip glue, which acts as a lubricant while wet anyway.