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Possible SV project bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Howdy gents,
    Would like to ask your advice about a bike i've spotted.

    I've been looking to upgrade to a naked middleweight and have mostly settled on an SV650n.

    I've set myself a budget of about 8k which sets me out to get a relatively low k bike in good condition or to get a high k or dropped bike and having enough left over to fix it up and make a few mods.

    I spotted this bike on gumtree:

    Now, I've never had a project bike (this is only my 2nd bike ever!) and was wondering if you guys could help me tot up what I would need to spend to get it back on the road and then some. Some estimations would be great because I wont go around asking for quotes (or buy the bike) if I cant really get it all done for 8k-ish!

    - Rego, and all the slips etc that come with it.
    - It looks like it's actually and SV650s or f or whatever so it will need some work on the dash etc to convert it to naked.
    - Tank dings
    - Respray, 3-4 panels
    - rear seat
    - possibly some of the stuff mentioned in the ad that i doubt will actually be repaired by the seller

    There's some more stuff I would like to do if it was in budget but we'll see how i go!

    Cheers guys!
  2. Definitely an option, but keep in mind getting it on the road will be ~1000 for viv inspection and rego etc, on top of repair costs. But if you get it cheap could be good project.
  3. Cheers mate, I thought I might get an answer from you!

    Have searched the forum, rta website and google but cant get a clear indication of what a VIV inspections is?
  4. VIV inspection is an inspection that takes place to allow you to re-register the bike.

    Keep this in the back of your mind. The bike will always be on the written off vehicle register (WOVR) so when someone does a REVS check, it will show it has been written off before. This may affect resale a little, and may put off some potential buyers.

    Factor in some costs to allow for what the seller hasn't found out will be required to be repaired as well. The SV is agood platform to start from, upgrade the suspension and you've got a very capable bike in your hands :)
  5. Devil's Advocate here; what are you going to ride in the mean time?
  6. Well, beacuase of this thread:

    I haven't factored any money I might get from the sale of the Across into the budget so I'll keep it while I'm tinkering and sell it off then for whatever I can get. But cheers for the reply.

    Mekros you said it will be listed as written off. So when he says "listed as repairable" it's a repairable write off? Didn't realise that. Well, to be honest I reckon I will have whatever bike I buy for quite a while so I'm not going to worry too much about resale value, especially if I end up customising it quite a bit. It might be hard to let go!

    So for now I have:
    VIV + rego - $1000
    Tank repair + respray - $400-$500 (Does this sound right?)
    Dash, clutch lever, anything else cosmetic that may have been missed - er...$1000
    Transport from wherever i get it to home, to mechanics etc etc before it's re-registered ummmm...$500 altogether

    Leaving me a contingency budget of about 2.5k, this might just work!

    Obviously my real concern is that I get it to the mechanic and there's something up with the engine. Not something I can really plan for!
    This VIV inspection sounds expensive, would it turn up stuff like this?
  7. yeah, so whenever something has been listed as a repairable writeoff, it means that forever it will be known that it has been written off before, and prior to being registered, will require the VIV inspection. All this will be documented by your state (and nationally accessible) registration authority.

    A statutory writeoff is a vehicle that is one that can not be re-registered under any circumstances.

    I'd talk to a painter to see how much a paint run will cost.
  8. I see it this way. If you're thinking to do it up as a resale investment then you're probably going to do your dosh. But if if you're going to turn it into something really special, the bike you've always wanted, then it's a lifestyle decision and it doesn't matter how much money you chuck at it, as long as you're happy.
  9. As I understand it its more about mechanical structure checks eg. making sure nothing is bent, all repairs have been completed, dont think engine would come into it other than making sure there are no leaks and checking the engine number.

    Some potential future bling
    - ZX10R/GSXR rear shock $130-150
    - Revalved front end with valve emulators $400-600
    - Slip on exhaust $400-500
    - Aftermarket air filter $100-120
    - PC3; $400 with the current exchange rate
    - Custom map for pc3 $250
    - Braided brake and clutch lines $200
  10. agree with the post above, if it's for yourself and plan to keep it for a while or customise it, might as well get something cheaper, cos generally customising a good bike you will lose money too.....so i say take the repairable one as long as it's straight.....i am doing this with a wee strom atm with the same reason
  11. thanks a lot guys, all of this really helps. i'll give the guy a call about it soon.

    next mission is to find a netrider who can be bribed with beer to make a trip to parra with me as extra insurance against buying a lemon!

    any takers...?!

    oh actually, a last question would be if anyone has any suggestions on the cheapest way to transport the thing?
  12. yeah i use the family 6x4 trailer, to move my bikes around :p
  13. hahaha

    oh...i mean...thanks for offering! just send me your phone number and your credit card details and I'll give you a shout!
  14. gee. I just checked this out on the vicroads site, because I just put a restored GS100 back on the road. It cost me less than $600 including the roadworthy, so I figured this VIV inspection must be a slightly more complicated process. Turns out it is!

    In hunting around, I came across this:

    The following documents are minimum requirements and subject to amendment from time to time:

    * an unregistered vehicle permit (unless a trade plate is used) or tow truck or trailer details
    * driver licence
    * proof of purchase of vehicle: tax invoice / receipt (must contain vehicle’s VIN) and business ABN (if applicable)
    * proof of ownership: receipt / registration papers /sales contract
    * tax invoices and itemised receipts for all repairs conducted as well as for all replacement parts used during repair (must contain business ABN)
    * a completed accident damage repair report for crash damaged vehicles. This is a written report/repair diary and photographs detailing how the vehicle was repaired.
    * photos taken prior to and during repairs.
    * copy of the manufacturers’ repair instructions.

    For vehicles repaired by the owner, in addition to all of the above:

    * a statutory declaration detailing repairs conducted and the method;
    * photos taken prior to and during repairs​

    Your state may vary, but you need to be aware at least of the requirement to *document everything* including before and after pics. I think you need to check it out in detail.

    That was an eye-opener
  15. It also wouldn't hurt to try and find out who the previous owner was (the one who crashed it) and get a service history out of them. (Maybe even some more keys.)

    You can't have too much history when buying a repairable writeoff, or any second hand bike for that matter.
  16. Don't trust a VIV inspection to find mechanical faults. I bought a repaired write-off that had been checked and registered, and on the ride home noticed one fork leg was slightly bent. Luckily the seller did the right thing and sourced a new one for me.
  17. Hmmm. A REVS check on the details in the ad brings up:


    Not repairable write off. Does that seem strange to you guys?
  18. maybe the sell has just made a typo.....also not sure but is it was registered interstate are the databases australia wide or only state wide :?
  19. best thing to do is to get a clear photo of the VIN and engine number, that way you can verify it yourself.
  20. And you will also see if it has been modified, unless they are very good at doing it.

    Compare your photo with the numbers on other bikes of the same model, or post on a forum and ask others with that model to do so. If the style of the number is different, i.e. number punched in rather than raised, don't buy the bike, or at least ask the seller to "Please Explain."