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Possible Suzuki Across mod/project/fix?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by phongus, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone

    I have a 1995 Suzuki GSX250F "Across" which I bought from a member 4 years ago (I think) and have ridden it continuously for maybe 3 years, more so currently due to a better paying job with a distance of travel to match. I was thinking of doing little bits of modifications to it to hopefully put some kind of improvement, I know it's a 250 but money does not allow for any upgrades unfortunately. Also I like to modify stuff, no matter how crap the original item is.

    Firstly I'll be giving it a good service...I kind of only did 2 oil changes in the 4 years I had it, changed spark plugs once and have never flushed/replaced the coolant...I was slack, poor and didn't ride it as much as I do now. Actually I spent more servicing time and money on the race bike than the commuter, I feel ashamed and feel sorry for the poor neglected Across.

    I had only recently changed the chain and sprocket and what a difference it made. Across was one hell of a noisy thing and now it is quiet without any chain slapping...by the way, the old chain nearly came off the rear sprocket which was what opted me to change them :oops:.

    Anyways the first possible mod...IF doabe at all...which isn't a small mod either...is the front brakes.

    For those who ride 250s...front brakes are shocking. More so for a heavy Across with a single front disc. Now I could just get a new front disc, pads and bleed the brakes with new fluid to definitely improve it, but I was thinking the other night...is it possible to put twin discs on it?

    I am pretty sure it can be done if I can find forks and maybe tripple clamps that can fit on the chassis, but I am actually being optimistic here.

    One of my concerns...will the chassis be able to handle the extra force applied on it when heavy braking? I compared the chassis of the Across to that of the VFR...and the stem on the Across, seems rather flimsy (I think it's the stem...the part where the bearings are for turning).

    If it can be done...would I need to reinforce the stem part for extra precaution and if I do reinforce it by means of welding extra support...would that cause issues with roadworthiness due to tampering with the frame?

    Also I assume I'd need to find a suitable front wheel if the spindle is of different size (unless you can get different bearings?), use a different brake line/master cylinder and handles to suit.

    Obviously if the cost equals that of an upgrade, I won't go ahead with it...but I do have a spare set of triple clamps and forks (albeit bent) from my VFR400 which I hope to be able to fiddle with and see if it fits. Had a search for head stem bearings and they seem to be similar in size.

    If it all can be done, that will most likely be the first major mod on the Across...if it can't be done, the money will most likely be scattered around on little cosmetic improvements and mechanical repairs.

    Any information, constructive criticsm, feedbacks would be great.
  2. Hey Phongus,

    I also ride an Across. I guess I'm in a similar boat to you - starting to do more mods and servicing to your bike. I'm actually slowly converting mine into a streetfighter - need to build some headlight brackets.

    The easiest thing you can do to upgrade your braking performance is to switch to some stainless steel brake lines. HEL performance will sell the parts you need. I'm actually planning on upgrading my brake lines next week, I just need to measure up my existing lines and place an order. If you'd like I can tell you exactly what I end up ordering so you can go for a kit of your own. The kit's about 60 bucks plus shipping and seems reasonably easy to fit yourself. I've bled my own brakes before and it's not too difficult. The single-line kit is about $60, and I don't think it would be that difficult to upgrade it to a double-line kit further down the track if you manage to work out a way to upgrade your brakes to a dual-rotor system.

    Dual front discs is also something I've been considering, but haven't been quite sure how to go about it. The easiest thing I can think of is to find a bike with the same size fork diameter and swap the forks out so you can mount the appropriate wheel. The two bikes that spring to mind are the CBR250rr and the Zx-2r. If either of these bikes share the same size forks, you could swap them out and keep your existing triple-clamps/steering stem.

    I've got a mate who owns three CBR250rr's, one which is in parts. I'm going to find out if any of the parts are compatible - if they are, I'll let you know. Then you could track down some rr forks/wheels and that would be a reasonably easy parts-swap to upgrade to dual front rotors.

    Anyways I am pretty tired at the moment and not thinking 100% clearly - so this post should be taken mostly as an indication that there are others (well, at least me) who are considering similar tasks to you. I'll reply again when I'm a bit more awake, and have had time to think this through a bit more clearly.
  3. Fork tubes the same size is good, you also need to measure the fork spacing and position of the axle mount/retainer. If the distance is different you'll need to get an axle and spacers made/modified. Easiest is a complete front end swap from a similar twin disc model.
    You'll need to find out frame headstock measurements and bearing sizes to make sure, OR find a friendly parts guy that can check numbers and see if theres anything that matches from a twin disc model. Wreckewrs might be able to tell you what fits as well..
  4. Thanks for the information there guys. I will keep everything in mind.

    I was looking at the CBR250RR forks but didn't get to measure the length/diameter of them. Might have to find a mate with a spare one lying around or something.

    I had a quick geezer at the VFR forks I have and they are larger than the Across forks. Might see if I can fit the triple clamp onto it when I do the head stem bearings on the Across.

    Also Frostzor, you wouldn't happen to have pictures of your progress? I was thinking of making it into a street fighter but I wouldn't know where to start. I have ripped the nose cone and belly pan off once and I must say, it was an improvement in the looks department even though it was in pieces...
  5. Hahah yeah, I found even just removing the fairings made it look a lot better. I don't have any pictures at the moment. My current sub-project is making some brackets so I can mount my new headlights and windscreen (search for Dominator headlights, that's what I'm working with).

    Stay tuned, I'll probably have something for you by the end of the week.
  6. Ahh twin head lights. I personally like a single type but not sure how it will look.

    Might need a new exhaust system though if I was to remove the belly pan...it looks too ugly with the stock one one, need to bling it up haha.
  7. i'm in the same boat, and thinking of streetfightering my across a bit, mostly because it seems that swapping out the lights and mirrors and adding a digital dash will cost similar to what i'd pay for a new fairing and windscreen to replace my damaged items.

    this guy did his across with a fighter look and dominator lights
  8. The two things that made a very nice difference to my old Across were adjusting the carb needles and changing the throttle slide holders.


    My throttle slide holders hadn't fallen, but 2 of them were a little on the loose side. Replacing those (they cost like $4 each a few years ago) and adjusting the needle made the bike a lot nicer to ride.

    I remember people writing about putting washers in their suspension to lessen the travel and make it stiffer. Not something I did, but something other people did as the front is very soft on the Across.
  9. Install a subwoofer in the boot.
  10. There is a YouTube video where someone installed a stereo into their across.
  11. I'm not fully sick enough to do such modifications. I need to level up first!
  12. Bro subwoofer installation is so easy.
  13. Phongus, if you're still interested, I've gone a bit further with the streetfighter look. Images can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/OOu9w

    Added dominator headlights and the windscreen, just bolted to the existing headlight bracket. Also did a tail-tidy and some new indicators. Original coolant resevoir replaced with an aluminium water bottle, zip-tied to the frame.

    The current mount for the headlights is semi-temporary, I'll eventually replace the headlight bracket with a complete new set up. I've bought a digital speedo to replace the existing instrument cluster, which I'll be swapping over soon (uni holidays). Then I'll tidy up the front end.

    As for the brakes upgrade, I haven't had any luck swapping out to fit dual front discs. I'll be ordering stainless steel brake lines though, so I'll let you know how much of a difference makes when I've got them fitted.
  14. the suzuki across is the biggest piece of shit ever to be called a motorcycle.

    lose it.
    insure it then torch it, whatever. but get rid of it allready. and buy something better to spend your money on.
  15. Looking good Frostzor (y)

    [-( Please arrange something more permanent...
  16. Do you mean something more permanent than a drink bottle, or something more permanent than zip-ties to affix it?
  17. More permanent than zip ties. No problem with the drink bottle, that's quite ingenius actually, I'll have to remember that trick if I ever have a radiated bike (doubt it).
    The zip ties, okay yes they will hold it in place and last, but... it's just too much of a hack job. Get some sort of clamp. Or better yet, weld a bracket to the drink bottle.
  18. Cool, will do. I'll probably find a bracket like you'd use on a bicycle and re-purpose that.
  19. Thanks for the update there Frostzor. It's looking great :D. I see you taped the petrol release button nicely hahaha.

    MT1...each to their own...not the best yes, but why not fix it up to ones liking :).