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possible ride and go-karting event for brisbane riders....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kezza01, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. hey brissie, sunshine and gold coast riders, i was wondering what interest there is for a combined ride/go kart day (or even days)?

    the plan would be basically just to ride to an identified go-kart track and then have fun chasing each-other around on four wheels for a while before riding off into the sunset on two wheels again.....

    is anyone up for this?

    if so, i'm thinking of proposing that we make it a practise session for a "Qld Vs the others" meet while the victorian/nsw crew are up here in july.....after all, the gauntlet has been thrown down by MVrog already...(https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=34243&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=330)

    if there's enough interest, i'll look at dates etc and post as a calendar event. at this stage, my son and i are numbers 1 and 2.....
  2. Yeah, Kezza's state of origin racing. I'm there already
  3. Sounds good.

    Now if there's a place that does minimoto it would even be better :D
  4. I'm in Kezza...My second favourite hobby. :grin:
  5. well, u had my dumb questions this morning, here's the afternoon one..."minimoto"???????
  6. good one mutts.....

    so at this stage i'm counting 5:

    my son (will need a pillion ride for him...)

    one option might be to have the may or june "muttly's ride" as the ride/go kart day.

    another option is to have it as a completely separate event.

    any preferences? or other options? or do you all just want me to pick a date and post it to the calendar? (i reckon 5 is enough interest to warrant that.....)

  7. Minimoto. Pocketbikes (or even little peewee50's on slicks).

    I'd buy one to race if there was a group in brisbane who did it. From memory there IS one place on the goldcoast though.
  8. aaah thank you - pocket bikes i know....nearly bought one in canada (and now wish i had :LOL: :LOL: )
  9. Tried it once. Too Tall. Can't walk for 5 mins afterwards
  10. Provided we can set a date SOON, count me in :)

    I'm on the gold coast but I work every weekend so I'd need notice to apply for time off.

    Peace out
  11. i'll be in for that :) sounds fun.. havent go-karted in ages!!!
  12. I love it when a plan comes together
  13. me plus 2 (wife n daughter)

    do they have mini mack trucks to carry my weight?
  14. Now let me think....... :roll: :roll: :roll:
    Hell yeah- I'm in!!!!
    Looks like the Queenslanders are coming to the party!
    You southerners are in deep trouble now! :p :p
  15. Count me in for the ride - dunno about the carting tho.

    Can they shoehorn a 115Kg 198cm guy into one of those things?
  16. I'm sure we'd find a way to get you in there! (Not sure about getting you out though :grin: )
  17. wow, great response guys....numbers are building.....now i just have to work out a date, maybe get mutts to help with route planning, suss out costs and sizes of karts.......

    aaaarghh i hate it when i suggest things that require planning......

    give me a day or two and i'll think about a date - unless someone has a great idea??? (please.......help :oops: )
  18. I will prob be in Kezza + girlfriend. Just a suggestion about dates.... there are plenty of public hols coming up, and I hate sitting at home on a sunny, fresh autumn/wintery public holiday!! :wink:

    Also maybe another thought...an extra couple bucks is definitely worth the bigger karts :twisted:

  19. thanks for the suggestions.....i'm looking at a calendar tonight to start thinking about the plans....

    my only 'wonder' in terms of public holidays is whether this is a time when other people are likely to be going karting too?

    also, i know there is a kart track at kingston (brissie south-side), but are there any others people know about?

    i'll do some searching around for costs etc, pick a date, and then make up a calendar entry......

    tonight or tomorrow night......
  20. sounds like fun - count me in. not 100% sure yet if i'd be able to make the cart ride (things are a bit tight at the moment) but i'm definitely up for the ride.