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Possible project? Your advice needed.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gus_man, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. So im in a position to purchase a '07 Yamaha R6.
    It was involved in an accident where a car pulled out in front of the rider and the bike hit the car head on at about 60 km/h. The front end is banged up, ie pretty much everything from the top of the tank to the front wheel. The back of the front wheel is wedged right up to the frame but hasn't bent it from what I can tell. The good news is the bike still runs, starts every time, all the wiring is fine and the gearbox works fine also.

    Now i'd like to either restore it back to original or streetfighter it. My only concern is that its going to cost way too much to repair. I can purchase the bike for $1000, how much would you estimate it would cost to restore it back to original? As for fairings and the like they're all fine apart front the front, a few scratches but no big deal.

    Ill also be doing all the labour myself to keep costs down. Basically what I want to know is would it be cheaper to just buy one thats accident free? Or mend this one?

  2. If you can get it for a grand, and source some forks/new rim at the wreckers for another grand, and then throw a grand at fightering it, you'll probably come out with a great bike for low cost. But getting a RWC as a fighter might take some fiddling, and going back to standard will likely be prohibitively expensive, and bloody annoying, as you'll start finding out where all the rooted brackets are etc.
  3. gallon of petrol and a match

    or put the grand towards your current bike, or holiday :LOL:.
  4. Buy it for a grand and put the engine in a go-kart.
  5. If and I say IF the frame is straight then a streetfghter would be a good option.
  6. Ok well the frame is straight, im sure. Looked up some prices on ebay. A set of complete forks with all the braking components and bars is about 1400. New rim for the front im not sure on prices. Instrument cluster is about 3-400 and a tank will be about 400 im guessing? Rear set for about 400 and i think that'll just about do it. Am I missing anything here? So all up 2700 including the bike, even if I allow an extra 1500 for misc items and specialty work i cant perform thats an 07 R6 for around 5 grand which is at least 2500 less than the cheapest on bikesales. Am I missing anything?
  7. is it written off?

    if not and its still in rego thats a super buy if the frames ok. whack some forks and bits and pieces on and you will have something fun for cheap.
  8. Im not sure if its written off or not, what are the ramifications if it is? Is it still possible to be registered again?
  9. if it's listed as a stat. write off (normally it's cause the frame is broken) there is no way ever to get it re-rego if it's listed as a repairer then it's extra money and checks, check the rta website they have all the details for repairable write offs
  10. if it was me, i'd stay away from it.

    frames don't like head on's. if the impact was enough to smash the forks, front rim, etc... the head stem and surrounding areas of the frame would most likely have suffered. the only way to know it's not disaster waiting to happen, is to get the frame inspected.

    better to be safe than sorry. my 2 cents.
  11. I'm with sheppo. How do you know the frame is straight? They're made from such light alloys the tiniest shunt can chuck them out. But Loz is on the money, three grand and you could have a awesome little fighter, if it's all legit.
  12. If it's a write-off I wouldn't touch it - the possibility of expensive tears. You could fit a front end off a dirt bike and likewise for the rear wheel - that'd be fun!
  13. Yeah i'm not really qualified to make the call on the frame. I've taken some measurements as best I could but yeah the stem would probably be the area of concern and I cant be sure of anything really. But if I do go through with it i'd only be using it on weekends. How badly will the stem being damaged affect the bike? I would strip the bike and have the frame inspected, worst case it's damaged and I sell the bike as parts and maybe come out $400 down.
  14. Revs check ffs
  15. If you have the cash sitting around, why not.
    If your patient then you might come out with money rather than losing money.

    The price is good, even just for parts, but time is going to be the determining factor.
    Do you have time to strip it down and properly check everything?
    Do you have time to wait to sell all the little bits and pieces off as parts?
    Do you have the time to invest into building a streetfighter?

    If you do, you cant lose IMO.
  16. Definitely do a revs check, this sort of check will usually tell you if its a write-off. Just get the engine, vin and plate number and you're good to go. Plug all that into revs.nsw.gov.au and you're laughing.

    Otherwise, a grand is pretty reasonable. The engine alone is probably worth more than that. If you can't do a revs check (or the check comes out clean) then buy the sucker and fit some basic instruments and new front end. Slap a gnarly headlight assembly and oggy knobs on that sucker and run it around without the fairings. Easy as pie.

    Cheers - boingk